Three shot dead in Indonesia`s Aceh ahead of elections

Gunmen riding a motorcycle have shot dead three people including a toddler in Indonesia`s Aceh, police said Tuesday, the latest violence in the western province before legislative elections next week.

5.9-magnitude earthquake in Indonesia kills one

A strong quake measuring 5.9 on Richter scale struck Indonesia’s Aceh province at early dawn on Tuesday, killing one eight year old girl and injuring eight, reports said.

Quake hits Indonesia

earthquake measuring 6.0 on the Richter scale jolted Indonesia`s Aceh province Thursday.

Indonesian city bans women from ‘straddling motorbikes’

A city in an Indonesian province that follows Sharia law has banned women from straddling on motorbikes behind male drivers.

Indonesia: 20 churches face demolition

The core of the problem is the contradictory regulations between 2007 gubernatorial decree and 2006 joint ministerial decree.

No Tsunami threat, situation under control: Indonesian Prez

The tsunami warning was lifted five hours after the major 8.6 magnitude quake hit Indonesia.

Sri Lanka lifts tsunami warning

Sri Lanka`s Meteorological Department lifted a tsunami warning on Wednesday almost four hours after issuing it.

Indonesia says it reduced cleric`s term due to age

Abu Bakar Bashir was found guilty in March of helping plan a terror attack and fund a jihadi training camp in Aceh province.

Amnesty urges caning repeal in Indonesia`s Aceh

Amnesty said caning defies UN Convention against Torture ratified by country.

Indonesian terror suspects go on trial

The extremists are accused of plotting to kill Westerners including tourists.

Indonesia police kill, capture more terror suspects in Aceh

Indonesia police said on Monday they had shot dead an Islamic militant involved in the beheading of three schoolgirls in 2005 and captured three other men in raids in Aceh province in Sumatra.

Indonesia`s Aceh still healing five years after tsunami

Ikra Alfila has
rediscovered the joy of play, but the little 10-year-old still
has nightmares about giant waves five years after the tsunami
that killed everyone in her family except her father.

Built back better in Aceh five years after tsunami

The ship almost looks like it belongs in the neighborhood, swept miles inland almost five years ago after a cataclysmic earthquake spawned the worst tsunami known to mankind.

Indonesia`s Aceh to exclude stoning adulterers under Sharia law

Indonesia`s staunchly Muslim Aceh province asked provincial lawmakers to hold off including stoning to death as a punishment for married adulterers in a new bill set to pass into law.