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Scientists develop vaccine against opioid overdose

Scientists develop vaccine against opioid overdose

The vaccine blocks the pain-numbing effects of the opioid drugs oxycodone (oxy) and hydrocodone (hydro) in animal models, said the study published online in the journal ACS Chemical Biology.

Drug that helps addicts may benefit cancer patients too

The drug naltrexone (LDN) not only causes cancer cells to stop growing, but it also alters their internal machinery, making them more likely to kill themselves, the researchers found.

Demi Lovato opens up about addiction, eating disorder battles

Demi Lovato opens up about addiction, eating disorder battles

Singer Demi Lovato opened up about her struggle with drugs and alcohol addictions as well as her bipolar disorder and eating disorder.

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Beware! Video game addiction leads to sleep deprivation!

Are you addicted to video games? If yes, then try to avoid playing video game so frequently as it can lead to sleep deprivation.

Certain genes can make you more prone to addiction

Scientists reveal in new study that certain genes can make you more prone to addiction.

Are e-cigarettes beneficial or cause harm? This is what experts say!

The team also warned that heavy regulation and taxation of e-cigarettes will counteract the benefit that these products can provide.

Phone addiction leads to depression, anxiety

This fear of new technology happened with televisions, video games and most recently, smartphones.

Brain circuits involved in cravings unraveled

A team of scientists has unraveled the brain circuits that are involved in the cravings.

Smokers at greater risk of codeine addiction

A new research has revealed that nicotine gives brain more codeine relief, putting smokers at a higher risk for addiction.

People in addiction treatment more likely to smoke

People undergoing treatment for drugs and alcohol addiction around the world use tobacco at two to three times the rate of people who are not being treated for addiction, finds a 20-country study.

Brain region key to treating addiction identified

A region of the brain - called the insular cortex - may hold the key to treating smoking and other forms of addiction.

Questions again raised over AAP MLA Alka Lamba's drug de-addiction drive

AAP MLA Alka Lamba's ongoing drug de-addiction campaign raised questions once again when she was seen "throwing" mango juice packs to drug addicts "to test their abstinence".

Battling addiction? Get sober with this 'social' app

Battling addiction? Get sober with this 'social' app

 If you are struggling with alcoholism or other forms of addictions, here comes a smartphone app that aims to help by connecting you to a social network of sober people.

Your smoking habit may impoverish your child

Smoking is bad not only for the smokers` health, it annually pushes thousands of children into poverty in England, a study has revealed.

The world now has a billion smokers

Almost five percent of the world`s adult population (240 million people) have an alcohol use disorder and more than 20 percent (one billion people) smoke tobacco, new research on global addictive disorders has found.

Videogames, porno addicts face crisis of masculinity

 As per a new study, addiction to pornography and video games is leading to a "masculinity crisis."

Show-cause notices to 26 de-addiction and rehab centres: Govt

The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment has issued show-cause notices to 26 de-addiction and rehabilitation centres for alleged irregularities during the financial year of 2014-15, Lok Sabha was informed on Tuesday.

Brazil's World Cup winner Paulo Cesar sold medal to buy cocaine

Brazil's World Cup winner Paulo Cesar sold medal to buy cocaine

Former Brazil international Paulo Cesar has admitted he sold his World Cup winners medal from 1970 to buy cocaine.

Hookah as harmful as cigarette

Hookah is less harmful than cigarette is a popular misconception that may have serious ramifications for the youth, warns a new study.