Opioid painkillers carry high risk of addiction, even death

  A new research has revealed that opioid painkillers carry higher risk of death, overdose, addiction or serious side effects than benefits in chronic, non-cancer conditions like headache, fibromyalgia and chronic low back pain.

Most US college students dependent on smartphones: Study
Most US college students dependent on smartphones: Study

Nearly 75 percent of the college students in the US are dependent on smartphones while one in five consider themselves to be "lost" without the device, says a study.

Eating addiction similar to gambling fixation

If you cannot resist overeating despite the obvious health risks, you may well be suffering from an eating addiction which, as a study shows, is a behavioural disorder and could be categorised alongside conditions such as gambling.

Cannabis could be as addictive as drugs

As more people are able to obtain and consume cannabis legally for medical and, in some states in the US, recreational use, people are less likely to perceive it as addictive or harmful.

Cheers! Rule of thumb can control drinking

Did you ever try using a rule of thumb such as a half-glass rule or a two-fingers-from-the-top rule when pouring wine? Do this if you want to keep your weight in check.

Tax tobacco heavily to check addiction: Experts

Taking a cue from Health Minister Harsh Vardhan, oral health experts here urged Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to levy high taxes on tobacco products to curb the youth from getting addicted to smoking or chewing tobacco.

Robin Williams enters rehab centre for help

Actor Robin Williams has checked into rehab for the second time to maintain his long-term sobriety.

Addiction to become manageable disease

Researchers are saying that they are making important progress in changing the perception of addiction as they identify new therapeutic interventions that could render addiction into the equivalent of a manageable disease like diabetes.

I`m addicted to danger: Stuntman Damien Walters

Damien Walters, known for choreographing stunts in `Skyfall`, has revealed that he always likes to push his sport to a higher.

Any takers? App to reduce smart phone addiction

Are you always hooked to your smart phone, much to the annoyance of your parents, teachers and peers?

Lindsay Lohan still using drugs post rehab stint

Lindsay Lohan still can't resist her drug addiction despite her recent sixth stint in rehab.

Zac Efron sells former home

Actor Zac Efron has sold his luxurious bachelor pad in Hollywood Hills for USD 2.7 million.

Zac Efron feels `great` post addiction admission

Zac Efron recently said that he has no regrets for revealing his addiction.

Try solving puzzles to quit smoking

A new study has found that engaging in "self-expanding" can help with nicotine craving.

New method to treat cocaine addiction effectively

There is hardly any effective medications for cocaine addiction, but researchers have now discovered a new compound that can halt cocaine addiction, raising hope for new treatment for drug addicts.

Grant Hackett `proud` for having courage to seek treatment for drug addiction

Former Australian swimmer Grant Hackett has said that he feels proud that he had the courage to seek treatment for a sleeping pill addiction.

High tobacco use among Kerala children, says national study

Seventy-four per cent children in Kerala use tobacco, according to a recent multi-site survey conducted by National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

Excessive tanning can be an addiction

Are you mad about sun-bathing and don`t leave any chance to tan your body? You may be suffering from a tanning addiction.

Are you tea addict? Check for caffeine use disorder

f you can`t live without your cup of coffee early morning or that tea to prevent the after-lunch slump, you may be suffering from caffeine use disorder.

Justin Bieber`s mother prays for him daily

Singer Justin Bieber`s mother Pattie Mallette says that she prays everyday for her son, who is allegedly addicted to drugs.