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'Panipuri wala' jailed for mixing toilet cleaner in 'paani'

'Panipuri wala' jailed for mixing toilet cleaner in 'paani'

A panipuri vendor has been put behind bars because he used to mix toilet cleaner in 'paani' (panipuri water).

Milk adulteration: Supreme Court favours life imprisonment to combat menace

The Supreme Court, while issuing a slew of guidelines to curb milk adulteration, said infants are "traditionally" fed milk and hence, stringent steps are needed.

DNA: Analysis of malpractices being followed in Indian education system

Watch this special segment and get to know about the adulteration in Indian education system.

Find out if the honey you consume is pure – Here's how!

Here are some tricks and properties that will help you distinguish pure honey and adulterated honey

Every 5th food sample found adulterated and misbranded: Report

One out of every five samples of food items tested by public food safety labs in the country has been found "adulterated and misbranded", with maximum in Uttar Pradesh followed by Punjab and Madhya Pradesh.

'Over 12,000 samples found adulterated, misbranded in 2014-15'

12,077 samples were found adulterated and misbranded out of the 60,548 samples analysed by food safety watchdog FSSAI in all states and union territories in 2014-15, the government said Tuesday.