Curb binge drinking this holiday season

When the holiday season is around the corner, try not to indulge in binge drinking as bad habits we pick up in our youth may stay with us later in life, cautions a team of researchers.

Binge drinking puts young males at hypertension risk

Binge drinking in early adulthood is associated with an increased likelihood of high blood pressure in males, a research found.

Binge drinking in early adulthood can lead to increased risk of high BP in men

A new study has revealed that binge drinking in early adulthood is associated with an increased likelihood of high blood pressure in males.

Smoking during pregnancy may damage fertility of sons

Smoking during pregnancy can harm the developing foetus and mothers who smoke while they are pregnant or breast feeding may damage the future fertility of their sons.

Smoking ganja at early age hits immune system in adulthood

A new research has revealed that smoking marijuana during adolescence can lead to immune-related diseases in adulthood.

Going up skirt sizes increases postmenopausal breast cancer risk by 33%

A new study has revealed that overall weight gain during adulthood, especially thickening of the waist area increases the risk of postmenopausal breast cancer by 33 percent.

`Cool` teenagers not so cool when they grow up

Teenagers who tried to act "cool" in early adolescence are more likely to experience a range of problems in early adulthood than their peers who did not act "cool", a decade-long study shows.

Losing weight at any age improves cardio health

Weight loss at any age in adulthood is worthwhile because it could yield long-term heart and vascular benefits, according to new research.

Poor-quality sleep during pregnancy ups risk of weight gain in offspring during adulthood

A new study suggests that poor-quality sleep during the third trimester of pregnancy can increase the odds of weight gain and metabolic abnormalities in offspring once they reach adulthood.

Childhood bullying has long-term health consequences: Study

Attention parents! Make sure that your kids are prevented from being bullied in school because the effects of bullying in childhood can last a lifetime, says a research.

Lower birth weight, less breastfeeding could lead to chronic inflammation during adulthood

Researchers have suggested that individuals born at lower birth weights as well as those breastfed less than three months or not at all are more likely as young adults to have higher levels of chronic inflammation that contributes to cardiovascular disease.

Childhood bullying impact remains persistent even after 40 years

The negative impact of being bullied in childhood remains persistent and pervasive, and lasts nearly 40 years later as well, it has been revealed.

Healthy sleep key to ward off depression later

Don`t sleep deprive yourself as it may be a precursor for major depression as you reach adulthood - occurring before other symptoms of major depression and additional mood disorders hit you hard.

How lying, cheating in childhood could lead to dangerous lifestyle in adulthood

A research has tried to study whether certain boys are headed for trouble in future.

Poverty and stress during childhood impairs brain function in adulthood

A new study has claimed that poverty and chronic stress during childhood could lead to problems regulating emotions as an adult.

Obese kids quadruple their risk of developing high blood pressure in adulthood

A new study has revealed that obese children quadruple their risk of developing high blood pressure in adulthood, while overweight children double the risk.

Effects of bullying last long into adulthood

Being bullied in childhood can have lasting negative impact such as poor social relationships, inability to keep a job and illnesses, among others, say scientists.

I worry for Justin Bieber, says Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum fears teen singer Justin Bieber will struggle with the responsibilities of adulthood because he lacks the experience of the real world, especially since he has spent his growing up years in the spotlight.

Depressed teens have rocky twenties: Study

Depressed teens are more likely to suffer from serious problems such as mental illness and excessive drinking during their twenties than their non-depressed peers, a new study has found.

Being overweight in early adulthood may double risk of kidney disease in older age

Those who are overweight starting in early adulthood (ages 26 or 36 years) may be twice as likely to have chronic kidney disease at age 60 to 64 years than those who are not overweight, according to a new study.