Know if your child is at risk of hypertension!

People who have a risk of developing high blood pressure between the age of 35-38, can be diagnosed in childhood.

The later you leave education, the likelier you are to be healthy adult

 Educational attainment in children is associated with positive health transitions into adulthood, as per a recent study.

Prenatal exposure to famine ups diabetes risk

Children born during times of famine are at an increased risk of developing diabetes later in adulthood.

Premature babies less affluent in adulthood

 Children who are born premature tend to accumulate less wealth as adults, and this may be due to their lower mathematics abilities, suggests new research.

Develop close friendships to stay fit

 Developing close friendships early in life may help children stay physically fit later in their adulthood, suggests new research.

Men with higher intelligence stay stronger in 50s

Researchers have linked higher intelligence score in adulthood to good physical shape in 50s.

Intelligent kids more physically-fit in golden years

 If you were an intelligent boy throughout your academic life, chances are you will be more physically-fit as you grow older.

Exercise in childhood yields rewards later

Early age exercise helps not only to lose weight later but also positively impacts the willingness for exercise in adulthood, says a study.

'High-normal' BP in youth may increase heart disease risk later

 Mild elevations in blood pressure considered to be in the upper range of normal during early adulthood can lead to subclinical heart damage by middle age, says a study.

Chronic gambling linked to depression

Gambling and depression could develop hand-in-hand from the teenage years to early adulthood.

Unhealthy diets in childhood affect heart later

Keep an eye on what your child is eating for the childhood diet will have a long-term effect on his/her health later, warns new research.

Stressed teens face higher risk of heart diseases later in life

A study has revealed that teenagers who suffer with stress are more likely to face higher risk of heart diseases in adulthood.

Talk to your kids and make them shun porn

An open talk with your growing kids when it comes to pornography can lower the risk of them being addicted to porn as they reach adulthood, a significant study has found.

Adulthood begins at 25: Study

People do not become adults until the age of 25, suggests a new research which found that adolescent desires of sensation-seeking in the brain may last for longer than previously thought.

Brain develops abnormally in stutterers

 A region of the brain thought to control speech production develops abnormally in children who stutter - a pattern that persists into adulthood, according to the largest-ever MRI imaging study of stuttering.

Curb binge drinking this holiday season

When the holiday season is around the corner, try not to indulge in binge drinking as bad habits we pick up in our youth may stay with us later in life, cautions a team of researchers.

Binge drinking puts young males at hypertension risk

Binge drinking in early adulthood is associated with an increased likelihood of high blood pressure in males, a research found.

Binge drinking in early adulthood can lead to increased risk of high BP in men

A new study has revealed that binge drinking in early adulthood is associated with an increased likelihood of high blood pressure in males.

Smoking during pregnancy may damage fertility of sons

Smoking during pregnancy can harm the developing foetus and mothers who smoke while they are pregnant or breast feeding may damage the future fertility of their sons.

Smoking ganja at early age hits immune system in adulthood

A new research has revealed that smoking marijuana during adolescence can lead to immune-related diseases in adulthood.