Bus carrying British children crashes in Belgium, driver dead

 A British bus with 34 children on board overturned and crashed on a motorway in Belgium on Sunday morning, killing a driver, a local mayor said.

New male circumcision device gets WHO nod

A new voluntary male circumcision device that does away with sutures, involves minimal bleeding and is disposable has been approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for use.

Living in a disadvantaged city ups suicide risk

 Adults living in cities with more socio-economic disadvantages have higher chances of suicidal death than adults living in less-disadvantaged cities, says new research.

Long-term depression may double stroke risk: Study

Long-term depression may double the risk of stroke for middle-aged adults, according to a new research.

Infants find their voice in company of other babies
Infants find their voice in company of other babies

All new mothers, please take note! Ensure that you put your six-month-old baby in the company of other babies and not adults. This is to prepare them to "find their own voice" sooner.

Tyga finds Kylie more mature than most adults
Tyga finds Kylie more mature than most adults

 Rapper Tyga reportedly thinks 17-year-old reality TV star Kylie Jenner is more mature than most adults.

Mobility devices on the rise among older adults

About one-quarter of adults aged 65 years and older used mobility devices -- such as canes, walkers, and wheel chairs -- in 2011, and about a third of these reported using multiple devices, a study finds.

Babies and adults feel pain alike

In the world's first study, which used MRI used to analyze infant pain, scientists have found that babies' feel pain just like adults.

Behavioural disorder more common in sexually abused kids

Adults who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are more likely to report sexual and physical abused before they turned 16 than their peers, says a study.

Neanderthals tore apart bodies soon after death, shows study

An analysis of fossil remains has suggested that the Neanderthals manipulated the bodies of adults and children shortly after death.

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Malnourished children prone to diabetes, heart disease as adults

A new study in baboons sheds light on why people who are malnourished in early childhood often experience poor health as adults.

Even kids won't help if others are around
Even kids won't help if others are around

Children as young as five are less likely to help a person in need when other children are present and available to help, new research shows.

Relax! Adults only catch flu about twice a decade

Adults over the age of 30 only catch flu about once every five years, researchers have calculated.

Adulthood begins at 25: Study

People do not become adults until the age of 25, suggests a new research which found that adolescent desires of sensation-seeking in the brain may last for longer than previously thought.

How much sleep do we really need?

The National Sleep Foundation in the US has done an extensive research and chalked out guidelines on how much sleep you really need at each age.

Mothers actually speak less clearly to their babies

Contrary to the common perception that elders need to talk to babies in simpler words, new research suggests they may actually speak less clearly to their infants than they do to adults.

Teens' love for technology responsible for addiction as adults
Teens' love for technology responsible for addiction as adults

Teenagers' love for technology is the reason behind addition to it later in their lives.

Prenatal exposure to antidepressants causes adult anxiety in offsprings

 Scientists have found that early exposure to antidepressants may not be good for the offsprings as adults.

Obesity causes almost 500,000 new cancer cases worldwide yearly

 In a new study, scientists have discovered that obesity leads to around 481 000 new cancer cases every year in adults, or 3.6 percent of cancers worldwide.