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NASA engineers use Super Bowl to decode aerodynamics

NASA engineers use Super Bowl to decode aerodynamics

 Aerodynamics engineers including an Indian-origin scientist are studying sports balls to learn lessons in aerodynamics that will help build aircrafts more earth-friendly and allow spacecrafts to take the most efficient route to Mars in the future.

New tool to cut waiting time at airports

Wary of long waits at the airports before you can board your flight? That may change very soon, thanks to a new study in aerodynamics.

Mechanics behind flying snakes` gliding maneuver revealed

Researchers exploring the aerodynamics of flying snakes has found that whirls of wind, the little vortices surrounding it, give them an extra lift.

Ibises` flight precision stuns researchers

Ibises flying in a V formation synchronise the flapping of their wings with a degree of precision previously thought impossible, astounded researchers said Wednesday.

Future hypersonic airplanes can go from Beijing to NY in just 2 hours

After three years of innovative study, researchers have presented a body-wing-blending configuration with double flanking air inlets layout to aim at design requirements of high lift-to-drag ratio as well as high volumetric efficiency of next generation hypersonic airplanes.

Turbulence breakthrough could help save billions in energy costs

Scientists have gained new insights on the working of turbulence which could help optimise vehicle performance and save billions in global energy costs.