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Obama calls Cameron: Discusses Syria, Af-Pak, NSA issues

US President Barack Obama called up British PM David Cameron discussing issues like Syrian crisis, Af-Pak situation and also briefed him on review of NSA intelligence activities, the White House said.

India, France discuss Rafale deal, Af-Pak situation

The over Rs 50,000 crore deal for supplying 126 Rafale combat aircraft is are understood to have been discussed between India and France.

Af-Pak remains main area for al Qaeda attacks

Afghanistan and Pakistan remains
a number-one area as the launch point for strategic attacks from al-Qaeda terror network, a top Pentagon official said

India, Kazakhstan pitch for stability in Af-Pak re

Ahead of the Shanghai Cooperation
Organisation summit here, India and Kazakhstan pitched
for stability in the troubled Af-Pak region which is often
described as the epicenter of global terrorism.

US hopes to be in better position in Af-Pak this year: Mullen

Admiral Mike Mullen said US had made "significant progress" in Afghanistan.

Four get preliminary terrorism charges in France

An Indian and 3 Frenchmen are suspected of terror charges in Af-Pak region.

Grossman to be US envoy to Afghanistan, Pakistan

Marc Grossman, who replaced Richard Holbrooke, is a retired senior diplomat & former ambassador to Turkey.

Obama to hold Af-Pak situation room meeting

US President Barack Obama will hold his monthly meeting on Thursday on the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan with top officials and security advisers.

India`s role in regional stability worthwhile: US

America`s top military leadership has acknowledged India`s steadying contributions to stability in its region, as also the holding of ministerial level talks between India and Pakistan.

Acting US spl Af-Pak representative arrives in Pak

Acting US Spl
Representative for Af-Pak, Frank Ruggiero,
arrived on a two-day visit in Pakistan.

US can`t seal Af-Pak border: Pentagon

Acknowledging that terrorist
have a safe haven inside the tribal areas of Pakistan from
where they operate and cross over to Afghanistan, a top
Pentagon official said that it would be a tough job to
seal the Af-Pak border.

`Iran freeing al Qaeda men to fight in Af-Pak`

Several al Qaeda leaders fled to Iran when US invaded Afghanistan after 9/11.

Regional diplomacy high priority in Af-Pak region: US

US appreciated India`s work in agricultural assistance in Afghanistan.

Af-Pak challenges remain, but US on track: Obama

Obama announced the broad contours of results of his Af-Pak Policy review at White House conference.

Challenge in Af-Pak is to make gains durable: US review

The US administration`s Af-Pak strategy has resulted in substantial gains in the war against terrorism, but the challenge now is to make these
gains "durable and sustainable".

Richard Holbrooke is no more...

Holbrooke has passed away, leaving a void which the US will find difficult to fill.

Richard Holbrooke is no more...

Holbrooke has passed away, leaving a void which the US will find difficult to fill.

‘Al Qaeda in Yemen big threat outside Af-Pak’

The unearthing of the plot to
send parcel bombs on air to the US has greatly shifted America`s attention to Yemen.

US to detail Pakistan on strategy against terrorism

The Obama Administration on Tuesday said it will tell the top Pakistani leadership what more needs to be done in the war against terrorism.

Obama orders establishment of Af-Pak support office

In a bid to strengthen the
governments in troubled Afghanistan and Pakistan, the US will
establish a Pakistan and Afghanistan Support Office in
the State Department.