Afghan troops retake district from Taliban militants

Afghan security forces launched a major offensive on Tuesday and retook control of a remote western district from Taliban militants, the country`s interior ministry said.

Taliban attack Afghan soldiers in eastern province, kill 2

A local official says the Taliban have attacked Afghan troops in eastern Laghman province, triggering a gunbattle that killed two soldiers and wounded a third.

As Taliban push quickens, Afghan troops ordered: take no prisoners

As US forces withdraw from Afghanistan, the battlefield they leave behind is changing dramatically and becoming more deadly.

Pakistan allows airlifting of equipment for Afghan troops

Pakistan Monday allowed military equipment to be airlifted from its airports for Afghan security forces, officials said.

US top general seeks Afghan troops deal by October

America`s top general says he would like to see a security agreement with Afghanistan signed by October, which would give NATO enough time to prepare for a post-2014 military presence.

Karzai calls on Afghan troops to clean up own act

Afghan President Hamid Karzai is calling on his own security forces to clean up their act and end incidents of torture and abuse of the Afghan people.

Blast kills seven civilians in east Afghanistan

Afghan officials say an explosion killed seven civilians as they tried to pull bodies of insurgents killed from rubble of village mosque after a night raid by NATO and Afghan troops in country`s east.

Pak accuse Afghan troops of crossing into country

The Afghan soldiers, who were reportedly pursuing Taliban fighters, crossed into the Kurram region in Pakistan.

Neil Armstrong rallies Afghan troops

The 81-year-old American met Afghan officers in training at Camp Eggers in Kabul.

US weighs timeline on Afghan surge pullout: Gates

Gates indicated for the first time that President Barack Obama may lay out a long-term plan for US troop levels over the next few years.

‘The Battle For Kandahar’ begins

The operation is crucial to US strategy to turn around nine-year war against Taliban.

US to begin transfer of some Afghan troops from next July

Asserting that US has the right strategy for Afghanistan to break Taliban momentum, Obama said he would begin to transfer some of the American troops.

Foreign forces to quit Afghanistan by 2014: Report

The US-led international forces fighting in Afghanistan are likely to withdraw from the
war-torn nation by 2014 in a phased manner, a British media report said today.

NATO airstrike accidentally kills 5 Afghan troops

Officials say a NATO airstrike has mistakenly killed five of its Afghan army allies while they were on patrol in the country`s east.

Some troops could leave Afghanistan early: Gates

Robert Gates says some of US forces involved in Afghan surge could leave the country before Obama`s announced July 2011 date to begin withdrawal.

Gates meets with troops in southern Afghanistan

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates got a closer view of the Afghanistan war Tuesday, with a visit to troops fighting the Taliban in the country`s rugged south.

McChrystal bans night raids without Afghan troops

US and NATO troops in Afghanistan will be permitted to carry out raids at night only when there are Afghan security forces present.

US, Afghan forces clear last parts of Taliban area

Marines and Afghan troops who fought through the center of Marjah linked up Saturday with American soldiers on the northern edge of the former Taliban stronghold, clearing the town`s last major pocket of resistance.

Seoul to keep troops in Afghan despite casualties

South Korea will maintain its troop presence in Afghanistan even if the forces sustain casualties after their planned deployment next year, the nation`s Defence Minister has said.

US should address Pak concern over Afghan troop surge: Zardari

Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has expressed concern over the US’ troop surge in Afghanistan, saying that Islamabad should be taken into confidence on the deployment of 30,000 additional troops on the Pak-Afghan border.