Taliban must face consequences for calling off peace talks: US

Taliban must face consequences for calling off peace talks: US

The Taliban must "face the consequences" for calling off peace talks with the Afghan government, the US said today as it once again asked Pakistan to go after terrorists that threaten its neighbours.

Pakistan, China, US join Afghan peace talks

The Taliban will not attend the talks.

Four-nation meeting in Kabul seeks to revive Taliban talks

A second round of four-country talks aimed at reviving peace negotiations with the Taliban began in Kabul today, even as the insurgents wage an unprecedented winter campaign of violence across Afghanistan.

Pakistan hails Afghan peace talks as breakthrough

Pakistan on Thursday described peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban it had hosted this week as a major "breakthrough".

Pakistan welcomes Afghan peace talks

Pakistan Thursday welcomed the "prospects" of peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban saying political solution is the only solution to the problem.

Taliban fronting `smooth speaking envoys` ahead of Afghan peace talks: Report

When the Taliban opened their political office in Qatar last week, it was the first time in many years that the world got to see members of the insurgents` inner circle - urbane and educated.

Taliban reject claims they may cancel Qatar talks

The Taliban rejected reports that they may cancel peace talks with the US and the Afghan governments over criticism of the insurgents` office that opened in Qatar last week.

Spat over Qatar office is Taliban`s `first test` of commitment to peace talks: Kerry

US Secretary of State John Kerry has said disagreement over the Taliban office in Qatar is the `very first test` of the Islamic militant movement`s commitment to peace talks.

Afghan peace talks should not cross `red lines`: India

India has cautioned Afghanistan over peace talks with the Taliban, saying the new initiative should not violate the "red lines".

Obama hopes Afghan peace talks will go on

US President Barack Obama said Wednesday he always expected "friction" at Afghan reconciliation talks but voiced hope they could still take place despite a row over the name of a new Taliban office in Doha.

Taliban opens office in Qatar for Afghan peace talks

Obama and Karzai said that they would support an office in Doha for the purpose of negotiations.

US offers `sugarcoated` Taliban deal to revive Afg

US officials are hoping the prisoner exchange would open the door to peace talks between militants and Afghan govt.

US agrees to allow Haqqanis as part of Afghan talks

The US’ move is in stark contrast to its earlier policy of resisting talks with the Haqqani network.

`Karzai concerned over role in Afghan peace talks`

The hardline Islamists announced this week that they planned to open an overseas political office.

Taliban must face `more pain` to talk: US envoy

Afghans marked a decade since the death of an iconic anti-Taliban fighter two days before 9/11.

Taliban deny meeting UN envoy for Afghan peace talks

The Taliban has denied as
"baseless rumours" reports that its top leaders had met UN
representatives to discuss bringing peace to Afghanistan and
vowed to persist in its war "against the invaders."