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Roadside bomb kills 15 people in Afghanistan

A roadside bomb killed at least 15 people traveling in vehicles that had been diverted from a main road on Monday after an earlier attack in southern Afghanistan, officials said.

Bomb kills 9 Afghan children, 2 NATO troops

A suicide bomber targeting an American military delegation outside a government office in eastern Afghanistan killed 12 people on Monday, including nine schoolchildren.

Over 50 killed in Afghan violence in two days

More than 50 people, most of them militants, have been killed in Afghanistan since Saturday morning, Xinhua reported.

20 killed in Afghan violence

Twenty people, including 12 Taliban militants, have been killed in Afghan violence.

Three strikes and you`re out, Afghan clerics told

Afghanistan has stepped up efforts to stop clerics from inciting violence or preaching anti-government slogans in mosques.

India condemns mindless Afghan violence

Condemning the outbreak of violence in Afghanistan, India on Monday conveyed its "profound concerns" to President Hamid Karzai.

10 years on and life grim for Afghans

As the US and NATO mark 10 years of war in Afghanistan, a grim picture emerges from interviews across the country.

Five NATO troops, three Afghans killed

Two Afghan policewomen and a civilian were killed by a mine on their way to work.

`Pakistan not to blame for Afghan violence`

The United States has accused Pakistan of having links to the Haqqani network.

Seven Afghan soldiers, translator killed

The soldiers and a translator were killed while on patrol in the Zurmat district of Paktia province.

US’ Mullen aims to reassure Afghans after attacks

The increase in violence comes as the United States starts drawing down its forces in Afghanistan.

More than 100 die in week of Afghan violence: Government

More than 100 people including dozens
of civilians were killed in violence related to Afghanistan`s
ongoing war against the Taliban in the past week, authorities
said Sunday.

Two US soldiers, French trooper killed in Afghan violence

Two US soldiers, a French trooper and
five Afghans were killed in bomb blasts in Afghanistan on Wednesday,
as the UN reported the deadliest year yet for civilians in a
spiralling Taliban-led insurgency.