Four Afghanistan women shot dead by Taliban

Continuing its terror acts against women in Afghanistan, Taliban militants shot dead four women they had abducted a few days back, said a police officer on Saturday.

New Afghan leader to name woman to Supreme Court

Afghanistan's new president-elect says he wants Afghan women represented at the highest levels of government, and he pledged to appoint a woman to the Supreme Court.

Alarm rises for Afghan women prisoners after Western troops leave

After Farida`s husband sold their three-year-old daughter to support his drug habit of several years, she took a knife and stabbed him to death in their house in the western Afghan province of Herat.

Taliban-style curbs for women in Afghanistan again?

An eight article decree, issued late in June, bars women from leaving home without a male relative, while shutting cosmetic shops on the pretext they were being used for prostitution - an accusation residents and police reject.

Taliban-style edict for women spreads alarm in Afghan district

One of Hamid Karzai`s main religious advisers will not overturn a decree issued by clerics in the north reimposing Taliban-style curbs on women, in another sign of returning conservatism as NATO forces leave the country.

Afghan students protest women`s rights decree

Hard-line Islamist students are protesting in the Afghan capital demanding the repeal of a presidential decree for women`s rights that they say is un-Islamic.

Afghan women getting jailed for `moral crimes`

The Afghan government should take urgent steps to halt an alarming increase in women and girls imprisoned for “moral crimes,” Human Rights Watch said Tuesday.

‘Taliban fears driving Afghan women`s brain drain`

A recent survey by the charity ActionAid suggests that 86 percent of Afghan women fear a return of Taliban-style rule.

Afghan women fear Taliban return

When the Taliban were in power from 1996 to 2001, women were
subjected to particularly brutal repression.

10 killed in NATO raid on Afghan militants

NATO forces said they killed 10 militants in a raid on a compound near the Pakistani border early Monday, while gunmen seriously wounded an Afghan provincial councilwoman in a drive-by shooting in the country`s increasingly violent north.

Recruit Afghan women to sell war to Europeans: CIA expert

A CIA expert has called for recruiting Afghan women in a public relations bid to persuade sceptical Europeans to support the NATO-led war effort, a leaked document has said.

Extending a helping hand to war-affected Afghan women

A government of India
initiative has encouraged war widows and poor women of
Afghanistan to take to various means of livelihood like
garment making, food and fruits processing and rebuild their