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Poet behind book about US racism wins 2016 'genius grant'

A poet whose work explores the casual racism in the United States toward African-Americans is among the 23 winners of $625,000 "genius grants," the U.S. organization awarding them said on Thursday.

Will bring back jobs from countries like China, India: Donald Trump

Will bring back jobs from countries like China, India: Donald Trump

Controversial Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has alleged that countries like China and India are taking away jobs from the US and vowed to bring them back for Americans.

Ohio policeman pleads not guilty in murder of black man

A white Ohio policeman who shot a black man during a routine traffic stop in what prosecutors called a "senseless" act motivated by anger pleaded not guilty to murder on Thursday.

Photo of black officer assisting white supremacist in US goes viral

A photo of a black police officer helping a white supremacist during rival rallies held in the US state of South Carolina by African-Americans and members of the white fanatic group Klu Klux Klan has gone viral and is generating positive reaction.

Obama urges 'soul searching' after Baltimore custody death and riot

For President Barack Obama, the riots in Baltimore marked the return of a recurring nightmare that continues to bedevil him: How to stop deadly encounters between police and African-Americans and the resulting race-related violence.

African-Americans in US fall in equality index: Report

Blacks trail whites the most in the areas of economics and social justice.