Sierra Leone launches new operation to eradicate Ebola

Sierra Leone has introduced a new operation in two hotspot areas of Ebola as part of efforts to eradicate the epidemic that has claimed over 10,000 lives in west African countries, the country's National Ebola Response Center (NERC) has said.

UN Security Council backs Africa force to fight Boko Haram

The UN Security Council urged central African countries on Monday to step up plans for a multinational force to fight Boko Haram, in its first overall response to the threat posed by the Nigerian jihadists.

Leading African teams face tough section

Few tournaments have thrown up such a tough section as Group C at the African Nations Cup with Algeria, Ghana, Senegal and South Africa battling for two quarter-final places.

Ranbaxy gets approval to launch Synriam in 7 African countries

Drug firm Ranbaxy Laboratories has received regulatory nod to launch its indigenously developed anti-malarial drug Synriam in 7 African nations.

Centre says it is equipped to detect Ebola; HC seeks affidavit

The Centre today informed the Bombay High Court that it has installed machines at several international airports in the country to detect the presence of Ebola virus among people, who are returning home in large numbers from the affected African countries.

SC notice on plea to screen travellers from Ebola-affected areas

The Supreme Court Friday issued notice to the central government on a PIL seeking direction that passengers coming on international flights from Ebola-affected countries in African be screened to ensure that they are free of deadly virus.

Liberia fights Ebola in capital, W. Africa toll tops 1,200

The epidemic of the hemorrhagic disease, which can kill up to 90 percent of those it infects, is ravaging the three small West African states of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, and also has a toehold in Nigeria, Africa`s biggest economy.

Air France staff refuse to fly to Ebola-hit nations

Some Air France flight crews are refusing to board planes bound for Guinea, Sierra Leone and Nigeria over fears of the Ebola outbreak, the airline said on Tuesday.

Growing unrest sets back Liberia`s Ebola fight

Authorities in Liberia urgently searched today for 17 people who fled an Ebola medical center over the weekend when it was attacked by looters who stole blood-stained sheets and mattresses and took them into an enormous slum.

Ebola outbreak could take six months to control: MSF

The Ebola epidemic is moving faster than the authorities can handle and could take six months to bring under control, the medical charity MSF said on Friday.

UN chief to visit three African countries: Spokesman

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki- moon is scheduled to start a visit to Namibia, Equatorial Guinea and Kenya Monday.

Malaria: High risk focused in 10 African countries

Gains in fighting malaria in sub-Saharan Africa have left the highest risk for the disease concentrated in 10 countries, according to a study published on Wednesday by The Lancet medical journal.

US embassies in 4 African countries also closed

The US State Department closed its embassies in four sub-Saharan African nations as part of a heightened security alert, days before 15th anniversary of al Qaeda`s bombings of American diplomatic missions in Kenya and Tanzania.

Indian vaccine to save 250 million lives in Africa

MenAfriVac has been produced by Serum Institute of India and is to be administered to African nations.

Indian vaccine to save 250 million lives in Africa

MenAfriVac has been produced by Serum Institute of India and is to be administered to African nations.

African countries set for new fight over ivory sales

3 months from a major global conference on endangered species, African countries are divided over whether a fresh round of ivory sales should be allowed.

Africans accuse rich of trying to kill Kyoto

African nations accused rich countries on Monday of trying to kill the UN`s existing Kyoto Protocol for cutting greenhouse gases, in a deep split four days before world leaders aim to forge a new UN climate pact.