Series of moderate quakes strike Philippines

A series of moderate earthquakes and aftershocks hit the Philippines early Sunday, with US geologists estimating the shallowest -- a magnitude-5.1 tremor -- at just one kilometre deep, but there were no initial reports of damage.

Aftershocks from May 1 quake continue in Jammu

Jammu and Kashmir`s mountainous Doda and Kishtwar districts are getting aftershocks even a fortnight after the May 1 earthquake of 5.8 magnitude that led to one person being killed about 100 injured.

Sumatra earthquake caused large aftershocks all over globe

Large earthquakes can alter seismicity patterns across the globe in very different ways, two new studies have claimed.

Earthquake in China leaves 67 dead, 731 injured

The 5.7 magnitude earthquake hit the border area of Yiliang county in Yunnan province and Weining county in the neighbouring Guizhou province at 11:19 am local time.

Fearing aftershocks, Spaniards flee quake-hit city

Lorca was transformed into a ghost town with many residents leaving the city.

New aftershock rattles quake-devastated NE Japan

A new aftershock of 6.0 magnitude has
rattled northeast Japan on Wednesday.

Japan quake aftershocks could go on for years, says expert

The expert however said the aftershocks would get weaker as time goes on.

Aftershocks rattle quake-hit NZ city; 100,000 homes destroyed

More than 20 aftershocks, the strongest with a magnitude of 4.8, were felt.

1,350 aftershocks recorded after China quake

A total of 1,350 aftershocks have been recorded after the April 14 earthquake that left more than 2,000 people dead in northwest China, Xinhua reported.

Aftershocks continue to shake Southern California

Police patrolled streets littered with shattered glass Monday morning as aftershocks continued to rock the US-Mexico border area in the wake of a deadly Easter Sunday earthquake.

Fear spreads as Chile rattled by strong aftershocks

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was to visit this earthquake-struck Chilean city on Saturday to assess its needs as new fears spread among Chileans following three strong aftershocks.

New 6.1-quake hits Haiti, people flee into streets

A strong earthquake has hit Haiti, shaking buildings and sending people running into the streets.

Strong quake hits northwest China, followed by 350 aftershocks

A strong earthquake with magnitude
of 6.2 struck northwest China on Friday, sending tremors through a
remote mining area along the nation`s Qinghai-Tibetan plateau,
officials said.

New Zealand still feeling aftershocks from mid-July quake

Three moderate earthquakes, ranging in magnitude from 5.0 to 5.1, struck southern New Zealand early Thursday, -- the latest of hundreds of aftershocks since a 7.8-magnitude quake in mid-July, seismologists reported.