Avinash Chander to continue as DRDO chief

India's premier defence and research organisation DRDO's chief Dr Avinash Chander will retire on November 30 but will continue to occupy the position on a contractual basis till May 2016.

India test fires nuclear-capable Agni-I missile

India successfully test-fired home-developed, nuclear-capable surface-to-surface Agni-I missile, a report said.

ONGC Assam Asset launches Project Agni

`Project Agni`, a fire safety campaign, has been launched by ONGC Assam Asset to sensitize people living in and around oil-field areas in the state.

`India on par with others in electronic warfare`

India is on par with other countries in electronic warfare, senior scientist Saktipada Dash.

After Agni-V test, China calls for nuke security

China has called on the international community to work together in promoting international nuclear non-proliferation.

Indian missile test carried by Pak websites

India has test-fired the Agni-V missile that can accurately hit targets more than 5,000 km away.

After Agni II success, India to launch ICBMs by 2011

India is all set to test fire its first Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile, Agni-V, in 2011.

India to test Agni-V; China, Pak within reach

India will testfire the over 5000 km range nuclear-capable Agni-V this year.

Mahakumbh: Aahwan and Agni to take dip with Joona Akhara

The Aahwan and Agni `Akharas` have
agreed to take a dip along with Joona Akhara during the
Mahakumbh, ending their six-year-long dispute that began in
2004 Ujjain Kumbh.

Night trial of Agni-II fails to meet parameters

The first-ever night
trial of India`s nuclear capable Agni-II Intermediate Range
Ballistic Missile (IRBM) has failed to meet all the mission
parameters, defence sources said on Tuesday.