Zambia targets zero HIV infection through male circumcision

The Zambian government has targeted at recording zero new HIV/AIDS infections through enforcing voluntary circumcision of about two million men by 2020, state media reported on Wednesday.

Charlie Sheen gives up drink, drugs

Charlie Sheen gives up drink, drugs

Actor Charlie Sheen says he has quit drinking and taking drugs for good.

AIDS deaths in India reduced by 55% since 2007: Nadda

India had recorded 1,48,309 deaths caused by AIDS in 2007, whereas, in 2015, the figure stood at just 67,600.

Single antibody infusions found promising against HIV

 A single antibody infusion can protect monkeys against infection with an HIV-like virus for up to 23 weeks, researchers have found.

Global HIV drive hampered without drugs for ''neglected'' West and Central Africa

A global drive to help curb the HIV epidemic by 2020 will fail unless millions of people with the virus in West and Central Africa receive life-saving drugs, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) said on Wednesday.

Researchers identify potent antibodies against HIV

 Scientists have developed a structure-based vaccine design that can jumpstart an effective immune response to HIV by rapidly offsetting antibodies against the virus, which so far have been unsuccessful.

Soon, HIV cure that snips out virus

The Temple University scientists believe that a gene editing technique, known as Crispr/Cas9, could pave the way for an injection to cure sufferers.

How Charlie Sheen's revelation helped raise HIV awareness!

Google searches for information about HIV hit a record high in the US after Charlie Sheen announced that he is a HIV-positive.

No fresh HIV case detected during July-Oct in Mizoram: MSACS

The MSACS has detected 10,448 HIV cases since October 1990 till June this year.

Three sex practices that can make you HIV positive

Lack of knowledge about the risk factors is the primary reason why HIV/AIDS is so widespread even today.  

India's love affair with chemistry

India's love affair with chemistry

This week it was officially announced that India had indeed ousted the venerated Royal Society of Chemistry, the holder of the previous record.

HIV stigma: Soon, 'Super Condom' may save you from AIDS

Now, a non-latex condom which contains antioxidants and can kill the deadly virus even after breaking.

Can continued semen exposure increase HIV resistance?

Earlier studies have shown that long-term sex work does not always result in infection.

Talking about AIDS still taboo in Pakistan, says daily

Talking about AIDS is still taboo in Pakistan and the ban placed placed on a condom advertisement "shows also how reluctant we are to address crucial issues", said a Pakistani daily on Saturday.

Living with HIV/AIDS: Ways to stay healthy and live longer!

Here's a list of things you can do to help you have a long, healthy life while protecting others

79 AIDS deaths since 1992 in Andaman and Nicobar islands

Altogether 79 deaths due to HIV-AIDS were reported since 1992 in Andaman and Nicobar islands, an official of the A & N AIDS Control Society (ANACS) said.

Russian TV host Pavel Lobkov reveals HIV-positive status live on air

Russian TV host Pavel Lobkov reveals HIV-positive status live on air

A well-known Russian television host announced live on air that he is HIV-positive, an unprecedented revelation in a country with rising infection rates but where HIV/AIDS remains a largely taboo subject.

DNA: Today in History, December 01, 2015

Know all the historical facts happened on December 01 in this episode of DNA.

White House unveils five-year action plan on AIDS

In support of the World AIDS Day, the White House released an action plan for combating AIDS in the US over the next five years.