China detains 25 passengers for opening plane exit doors

Twenty-five angry passengers on board a plane in southwest China were detained after they opened emergency exit doors before take-off and fought with the crew as their flight was delayed for hours by snow, state media reported on Sunday.

Thousands of US air passengers hit by suicide-fire incident

Thousands of air passengers in the US on Sunday continued to suffer from the effects of an employee's alleged sabotage of the Illinois air traffic control hub that has resulted in the cancellation of 780 flights during the weekend.

Maha govt gears up to detect Ebola-infected air passengers

Maharashtra government has deployed ambulances available with the state emergency medical service at the city`s international airport to shift suspected Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) passengers.

Sun`s lost its head, pilots and high flyers beware

Air passengers, beware. Your health and that of the crew is at stake.

Ten worst types of air passengers revealed

People who recline their chairs as far as they will go and people with uncontrollable kids tied for the top place in a survey of most hated passengers when flying.

Knives inside planes would make passengers unsafe: US airlines

Permitting knives, however small, in hand luggage will make passengers unsafe, two top US airlines have told a federal agency.

Dense fog hits operations at IGI Airport

Dense fog badly hit operations at the Indira Gandhi International airport here on Monday affecting the schedule of over 50 domestic and international flights.

Air passengers screened for atomic radiation contamination

All international passengers
coming from Japan, Bangkok and Dubai are being screened at the
Kolkata airport for atomic radiation contamination.

Divulge more air passenger info: US to Pak

The info is considered a crucial tool to track terrorist travel patterns.

UK opens high-tech hub to screen air passengers

A new hi-tech `border targeting
centre` that will electronically check passenger data before
passengers arrive at British airports from India and elsewhere
has been opened in Manchester.

Explosive detection tech to be expanded at US airports

The US on Wednesday announced expanding of the random explosive trace detection technology to screen passengers at airports nationwide as an additional layer of security.