Indonesian fighter jet catches fire on runway, pilot jumps to safety

 An Indonesian fighter jet caught fire just before take-off on Thursday, prompting the pilot to jump to safety as flames and thick smoke engulfed the plane, officials said. 

President Hadi flees Yemen as militia approach Aden: presidential guard

Yemen`s President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi fled the country on Wednesday as anti-government forces led by Shiite militiamen closed in on the southern city where he had taken refuge, a source in the presidential guard said.

WWII bomb found near Kalaikunda airbase

A 450-kg bomb of World War II vintage was found three feet under the ground while digging for a lamp post near Kalaikunda air base in West Bengal, official sources said Saturday.

Russian troops seize Crimea airbase as Moscow consolidates control

Russian troops used armoured vehicles, automatic gunfire and stun grenades on Saturday to seize a Ukrainian airbase in Crimea a day after President Vladimir Putin signed laws completing Russia`s annexation of the Black Sea peninsula.

US secures airbase in Romania, begins pull out from Kyrgyzstan

The US will use a Romanian airbase on the Black Sea as a transit point for its troops leaving Afghanistan as it winds up operations at another base in Kyrgyzstan, the Pentagon said on Saturday.

Syria rebels converge on Aleppo airbase as US mulls support

Syrian rebels converged on a military airport in Aleppo, where troops massed for a threatened assault, as the United States said it was considering "all possible options" to help the opposition.

Rebels attack sprawling air base in northern Syria

Syrian rebels attacked a sprawling military air base in the country`s northwest on Saturday, while in the south opposition forces assaulted a string of army checkpoints and positions, activists said.

Syria clashes: Video shows rebels attacking key airbase

A new video was released which showed that the Syrian rebels have launched a major offensive to get hold of a key airbase of Taftanz.

India`s new naval base - `Baaz`

The new naval base, INS Baaz, which will get an upgraded air base too, will come up at Campbell Bay, in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands chain.

Fighter-jet engines `stolen from Israeli base`

Israel`s military police have opened an inquiry into the theft of parts of F-15 and F-16 fighters.

Deesa could turn into full fledged IAF airbase: Official

Deesa airport in Northern
Gujarat could get converted into a full fledged airbase for
the Indian Air Force operations under South Western Air
Command (SWAC), a top official said on Saturday.

IAF-USAF to begin bilateral exercise in Agra from Oct 15

India and US will begin a 10-day
joint air exercise at Agra air base in Uttar Pradesh on
October 15 with focus on transport and humanitarian assistance