Massive accident averted at Delhi's IGI airport

A vigilant ATP successfully averted a massive accident at Delhi's IGI airport on Sunday.

Shivkar Bapuji Talpade, first Indian to fly airplane in 1895

Shivkar Bapuji Talpade, Indian scholar was the first man who flew a flying machine over Chowpatty in 1895, eight years before the American siblings, Wright brothers.

App which can help you land an airplane
App which can help you land an airplane

 Here comes an app that would help you land your plane in case the aircraft engine fails.

Automated cockpits affect pilots' emergency skills
Automated cockpits affect pilots' emergency skills

Prolonged use of cockpit automation negatively impacts pilots' ability to remember how to perform these key tasks in case of an emergency, a new research shows.

Kanye West holds up flight from Paris, leaves passengers angry
Kanye West holds up flight from Paris, leaves passengers angry

Rapper Kanye West reportedly held up a flight between Paris and Helsinki earlier this week and didn't even bother to apologise to his fellow passengers.

Two private planes of Elvis Presley go on sale
Two private planes of Elvis Presley go on sale

Two private airplanes that once belonged to legendary rock star Elvis Presley are now on sale and could disappear by 2015 from the late singer's Graceland mansion, where they have been on display for the last 30 years.

Airplane traffic in air enters health danger zone

Stuck on the road for ages amid the crawling traffic this morning, thinking about the growing air pollution? Look up in the sky - no, not to pray to the almighty again.

Bacteria can linger inside airplanes for days

A new study suggests that disease-causing bacteria can linger on surfaces commonly found in airplane cabins for days, even up to a week.

Bacteria can linger on planes for a week: Study

Dangerous bacteria -- the kind that cause vomiting and potent infections -- may be able to survive on airplane surfaces for up to a week, researchers said Tuesday.

Plane makes emergency landing in Mumbai

A Kuala Lumpur-bound Oman Air flight from Muscat on Saturday made an emergency landing here after a mid-air bomb scare, airport officials said.

Were Wright brothers the first to fly an airplane?

A little-known 1948 contract between the estate of Orville Wright and the Smithsonian has the museum legally bound to call the Wright brothers first in flight.

China’s plane makes emergency landing after hoax bomb threat

A Chinese domestic passenger plane made an emergency landing following a bomb threat, which turned out to be a hoax.

Bomb threat prompts airplane search at LA

Authorities searched an airplane scheduled to depart from Los Angeles International Airport after someone called police and made a bomb threat.

‘Airplane’ `funniest movie ever made` that still gives us 3 laughs per minute

Spoof disaster ‘Airplane’ is the funniest film ever, generating three laughs a minute on an average, a new study has revealed.

Madge does yoga on stranded airplane

Madonna started doing yoga in the aisles of a airplane.

Baby found in airplane bin in Philippines

Cleaners sweeping through a
passenger jet that landed at the Philippines` main
international airport found a newborn baby dumped in a bin in
a toilet on Sunday.

All a terrorist needs is $50 to bring down a plane

Reports indicate that a terrorist needs just about USD 50 to purchase a GPS jammer, an electronic device small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, which can conceivably bring down an airplane.

Pilot hurt as plane lands atop another in Argentina

A pilot was injured when a crop-dusting aircraft landed on top of another at an airport in Argentina`s Junin town.

Antarctica airplane found

A team of Australian researchers has found the remains of the first airplane ever taken to Antarctica in 1912.