DNA: Increasing eve-teasing menace force girls to quit school in Allahabad

A school girl raped by bus driver. DNA analyses Prime Minister Narendra Modi's selection of Cabinet Ministers.

'Bigg Boss 8' inspired by 'Big Brother 15'?
'Bigg Boss 8' inspired by 'Big Brother 15'?

Zee Media Bureau/Parul Sabherwal

Now, mantis shrimp inspired materials that are tougher than airplanes

Researchers have developed a design structure for composite materials which is more impact resistant and tougher than the standard used in airplanes.

World`s first ever photonic radar unveiled at Pisa Airport

Scientists have unveiled world`s first photonics-based coherent radar system that could send live cockpit video and pinpoint a plane`s precise location.

US shelves plan to allow knives inside planes

A federal agency responsible for the security of airports in United States has announced to shelve its plan to allow small knives inside a plane.

Eruption at Chile volcano beginning to weaken

Scientists warned that ash likely would keep spewing out for at least several more days.

Airplanes that look like birds!

Airplanes may soon start looking like birds as scientists are pondering over re-designing the current airplanes to make them more fuel-efficient.

This year, more planes get fog-fit: The Times of India

This winter, interminable waits at the airport for fog to lift may be a thing of the past.