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US boosts airport security after Russian airliner tragedy

US boosts airport security after Russian airliner tragedy

US President Barack Obama cited the possibility that an explosive device aboard Russian aircraft caused the last week's crash which killed all 224 people aboard.

Travellers to US face tighter airport security

Travellers flying to the United States from Europe and the Middle East face tighter airport security checks from Thursday due to fears extremist Muslim groups are making new explosives able to slip by standard checks.

US teen stowaway`s flight to Hawaii shows lacunae in airport security

The case of a stowaway American teenager, who survived five hours of intolerable temperatures, hidden in the wheel well of a flight from San Jose to Hawaii, has brought the spotlight on the airport security system.

Malaysia to review airport security says PM: Media

Malaysia`s leader said Sunday airport security screening in the country would be reviewed, according to a report, after it emerged that two passengers who boarded a missing airliner had stolen passports.

Obama `understands` airport security frustration

Critics say "naked" scanners and the pat-downs are invasive and demeaning.

US holding firm on intrusive airport security

The US government is betting Americans would rather fly safe than untouched.

Most common threat to Oz airport security - Knitting needles

Sydney has been listed as most likely airport to experience serious breach.

Al Qaeda threat: US heightens airport security

The United States stepped up airport security as intelligence warned al Qaeda`s affiliate in Yemen was planning more attacks to follow a failed Christmas Day bombing.

Pakistan airport security increased

Pakistan`s national airline said on Monday it is increasing security checks for passengers heading to the United States.

Airport security being beefed up

Days after an attempted attack on
board a Detroit-bound American plane, security at Indian
airports is being beefed up with the BCAS deciding to have a re-look at the present
systems and regulations.