Al Qaeda militants

Two suspected al Qaeda militants killed in Yemen drone strike

Two suspected al Qaeda militants killed in Yemen drone strike

The strike took place in the al Naqba area of Shabwa province where residents heard a loud explosion that they say completely destroyed a vehicle carrying armed people.

Jun 17, 2017, 13:03 PM IST
'57 dead' in first US raid on Qaeda in Yemen under Trump

'57 dead' in first US raid on Qaeda in Yemen under Trump

Eight women and eight children were among those killed in the dawn raid in Yakla district, in the central province of Baida, said a provincial official.

Jan 29, 2017, 16:36 PM IST

Yemeni troops attack al-Qaida, 26 dead on both sides

Pro-government forces attacked al-Qaida militants in southern Yemen today, killing 15 jihadis but losing 11 of their own troops, security officials said.

Jan 04, 2017, 04:27 AM IST

Yemen launches southern operation against Qaeda militants

Yemeni forces backed by air power from the Saudi-led Arab coalition launched an operation on Saturday to drive al Qaeda fighters out of a southern provincial capital, military officials said.

Apr 23, 2016, 22:47 PM IST
23 killed in al Qaeda seizure of Burkina Faso hotel

23 killed in al Qaeda seizure of Burkina Faso hotel

Country's and French forces kill 4 extremists and free 126 people to end the siege by al Qaeda-linked militants.

Jan 16, 2016, 23:44 PM IST

Lebanon's Hezbollah says it killed 20 Syrian al Qaeda militants

The Lebanese Shi`ite group Hezbollah said on Sunday it had killed over 20 fighters from Syria`s al Qaeda wing and destroyed several hideouts and training camps the fighters had set up to launch attacks in Lebanon across the rugged border with Syria.

May 10, 2015, 22:08 PM IST

Suspected Al Qaeda militants seize Yemen military base

Dozens of suspected Al Qaeda militants Thursday seized a military base in Yemen`s Shabwa province.

Feb 12, 2015, 18:41 PM IST

Drone kills seven suspected al Qaeda militants in Yemen: Military sources

 At least seven suspected al Qaeda militants were killed on Wednesday in a U.S. drone strike on a vehicle they were driving in southern Yemen, military sources said. 

Nov 12, 2014, 14:56 PM IST

Ten policemen killed by al Qaeda in Yemen

Sanaa:  Al Qaeda militants stormed a police station in Yemen's Red Sea province of al-Hodayda Saturday, killing at least 10 policemen and seizing the district linking the Red Sea port to the central province of Ibb, security sources said.

Nov 02, 2014, 06:20 AM IST

Seven `Qaeda`, soldier killed in Yemen clashes: Officials

Yemeni forces killed seven al Qaeda militants in separate clashes today while a soldier died in a firefight as the army pressed an offensive against jihadists, officials said.

May 17, 2014, 22:09 PM IST

Drone attacks kill dozens of Qaeda suspects in Yemen

Weekend drone strikes in Yemen killed more than 40 suspected al Qaeda militants, including 30 on Sunday, days after the jihadist network`s Arabian Peninsula offshoot vowed to fight against Western "crusaders".

Apr 20, 2014, 21:08 PM IST

45 killed in fresh Iraq violence

A total of 45 people were killed and 54 wounded in a string of attacks in different parts of Iraq Saturday, including shelling and clashes in the volatile Anbar province, security and medical sources said.

Jan 26, 2014, 00:17 AM IST

Al Qaeda militants bomb oil pipeline in Yemen

Suspected Al Qaeda militants blew up an oil pipeline in Shabwa province of Yemen Monday, causing an oil leak and sending black smoke billowing into the sky, an official said.

Nov 04, 2013, 17:19 PM IST

Four French hostages freed after three-year kidnap ordeal in Niger

Hollande was to greet the quartet on their arrival at an airport outside Paris after what he called "three years of suffering for the families who lived through a nightmare".

Oct 30, 2013, 13:38 PM IST

Al Qaeda-affiliated militia men killed in Libya

Seven members of the al Qaeda-affiliated militia Ansar Al Sharia died in Libya`s Sirte in an explosion Monday, Libyan Deputy Defence Minister Khaled Al Sharif said Tuesday.

Oct 15, 2013, 23:35 PM IST

Al Qaeda militants seize Army HQ in Yemen port city

Al Qaeda militants seized Army headquarters in Yemeni port city Mukalla on Monday, killing two soldiers and taking many more hostage, in their second major assault in 10 days, military officials said.

Sep 30, 2013, 21:07 PM IST

Syrian opposition condemns al Qaeda militants

Syria`s main Western-backed opposition group has warned that the expanding influence of al Qaeda-linked militants in the rebel movement is undermining its struggle for a free Syria.

Sep 21, 2013, 10:23 AM IST

Yemen on alert over fear of suicide attacks

Yemeni officials are warning of imminent attacks, distributing a photo of a suspected al Qaeda militant believed to be plotting suicide bombings with others.

Sep 10, 2013, 08:38 AM IST

Al Qaeda linked militants held in Algeria

Two Al Qaeda linked militants have been arrested in Algeria for their suspected involvement in an assassination bid against the country`s former prime minister.

Aug 30, 2013, 14:52 PM IST

Al Qaeda militants kill 3 Yemeni soldiers

Al Qaeda militants have killed three Yemeni soldiers in the southwestern tip of the Arabian Peninsula in what the military said was an attempt to capture a city.

Aug 14, 2013, 09:10 AM IST