Indian student invents alarm clock that shocks you out of bed

An Indian student, who was unable to get up in time for lectures, has invented an alarm clock that wakes up the owner with a shock.

Hitting snooze button could make things worse for insomniacs

Insomnia can be treated with drugs or talking therapy sessions.

`Alarm clock` that helps wake up fresh from sleep!

An Indian origin researcher has claimed to have found the answer to why a number of people fail to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning despite even having a chance to snooze the alarm button to catch some extra sleep.

Now wake up at the crack of a ‘fake’ dawn!

British firm has created an alarm clock that creates an artificial dawn.

Alarm clock that help beat the blues with a fake dawn!

The new clock invented by a British firm creates an artificial dawn that cures depressive illness seasonal affective disorder.