Pope`s Albania visit to showcase peace between religions

Pope Francis will head to Albania on Sunday on his first trip to a European country, to pay tribute to those who suffered under Communism and praise a political system under which religions unite.

Albania sending weapons to Kurdish forces in Iraq


Arbil: Albania has started sending weapons and ammunition to Kurdish forces fighting Islamic State militants in Iraq, a defence ministry source said on Thursday.

The first shipment was sent on Sunday, said a ministry source who requested anonymity.

Albanian hacker pleads guilty in USD 14 mn global bank fraud

An Albanian hacker who was part of an international cyberattack conspiracy that stole USD 14 million from ATM machines all over the world has pleaded guilty in New York to bank fraud.

EU ministers clear Albania to apply for membership

EU European affairs ministers cleared the way Tuesday for Albania to apply for membership to the 28-nation bloc, a process requiring major reforms by Tirana and likely to take many years.

Santa gangs rob jewellery shops in Albania, Kosovo

Four armed men dressed as Santa robbed a jewellery shop in a Tirana mall, police said Thursday while another "Santa gang" injured two people during a robbery in neighbouring Kosovo.

Albanian `no` deals blow to Syria chemical weapons plan

Albania rejected a US request to host the destruction of Syria`s chemical weapons, dealing a blow to a US-Russian accord to eliminate such arms from the country`s protracted civil war.

Albania rejects request to destroy Syrian weapons

Albania rejected a request from the United States for the tiny impoverished Balkan nation to host the destruction of Syria`s chemical weapons stockpile, a major blow to international efforts to destroy the arsenal by mid-2014.

Albania votes in crucial polls determining its EU

Albanians go to the polls on Sunday for a crucial vote that could determine whether one of Europe`s poorest countries has a chance of joining the European Union in the foreseeable future.

Disputed polls loom as Albania electoral commission defunct

Fears rose of yet another disputed election in Albania after the commission tasked with certifying the vote remained defunct a day before the Balkan country goes to the polls.

Albania holds ceremony for exiled king`s remains

Albania`s top leaders and thousands of people paid their last respect to the country`s only post-independence monarch, King Ahmet Zog I, half a century after he died and was buried in exile.

Albanian woman commits suicide in Delhi hotel

An Albanian woman allegedly committed suicide on Friday by hanging herself in her room at a hotel in Greater Kailash area, police said

NATO moves to remove Kosovo Serb roadblocks

Serbs have been blocking roads to stop the country`s ethnic Albanian leadership from extending its control.

Duped Indian women in Albania rescued: Officials

Eight from Goa were duped
in Albania and forced to live in precarious conditions before
they were rescued by the Indian government, an official said
on Tuesday.

Albania votes in tense local elections

The polls were seen as a major test of the volatile`s country`s stability.

Voting starts in tense Albanian local elections

Local, international independent observers are closely monitoring the vote.

New anti-government protests in Albania

Thousands of Albanians converged on central Tirana demanding the government to step down.

Albanian opposition vows new protests after sober memorial

Three Albanian men were shot dead at an anti-government protest a week ago.

Albanian opposition accuses govt over 3 deaths

Friday`s opposition rally in the Albanian capital demanded new elections.

Anti-government protests in Albania; 3 dead

It is the worst violence to erupt in Albania in more than a decade.

Albania offers arms and ammunition to Afghan authorities

Albania has a 306-soldier contingent tackling Taliban in Afghanistan.