Decoding brain cells' moods may manage alcoholism: Study

These brain cells called Purkinje cells, located in the cerebellum at the base of the brain, are essential for our body's balance.

Alcoholism: Set of neurons urging constant drinking found

A new study has found the set of neurons responsible for alcohol consumption, suggesting that the cycle of alcoholism can be stopped.

Are you addicted to alcohol? This Indian-origin student might offer you a solution!

An Indian-American student has discovered promising new compounds that can reduce alcoholics' impulse to drink with a new drug that can be ready for the market in five to six years.

Battling addiction? Get sober with this 'social' app

Battling addiction? Get sober with this 'social' app

 If you are struggling with alcoholism or other forms of addictions, here comes a smartphone app that aims to help by connecting you to a social network of sober people.

Matthew Perry wants to inspire more people to get sober

Matthew Perry wants to inspire more people to get sober

 "Friends" actor Matthew Perry, who has battled drugs and alcohol, says sobriety has led him to finally find "true happiness" in his life.

Drug to treat alcoholism could cure meth addiction

A drug being used to treat alcoholism may have an additional benefit. It may also be a promising treatment for addiction to methamphetamine, an extremely addictive stimulant.

Alcoholism may cut short your life by eight years

Alcohol dependent patients die about 7.6 years earlier on average than hospital patients without a history of alcohol addiction, warns a new study.

How underage binge-drinking may lead to increased anxiety, alcoholism in adults

A new study has revealed that binge-drinking during adolescence may affect adult behavior through long-lasting changes in genes.

How drinking habit changes as we age

Frequent drinking becomes more common in middle to old age, especially among men, reveals a new British study.

Have an alcoholic partner? Seek help online

An online interactive support programme has been found to help spouses of alcoholics cope with the stress of living with such a partner.

Young men with lower IQ likelier to drink more

A new study has examined that young adult men with lower IQ are likelier to drink more.

Targeting a protein might treat alcoholism

Targeting a protein might allow treatment of alcoholism and simultaneously prevent alcohol-induced heart and liver damage, a new study has found.

New drug may curb excess drinking

Researchers have patented a drug that could produce some of ecstasy's euphoric effects and at the same time limit the amount of alcohol people drink.

Drug to reduce side-effects of 'binge drinking' developed

Scientists have developed and tested a drug that could reduce the harmful side-effects of binge drinking.

Justin Bieber studying the Bible

Justin Bieber studying the Bible

Pop sensation Justin Bieber has cleared his schedule to study the Bible with his pastor for the next two weeks in Palm Springs, California, as he wants to learn how to spread the word of God.

Alcohol addiction recovery may trigger insomnia

For people in the early phases of recovery from alcohol addiction, insomnia is a "prevalent and persistent" problem, says a study.

How genes decide recovery from alcoholism

US researchers have identified genetic markers that may help in identifying individuals who could benefit from the alcoholism treatment drug Acamprosate.

Gene decides why some people avoid alcohol

In case of alcohol, variation in bitter taste does get more complex because alcoholic beverages contain flavours and tastes that may mask any aversive effects of bitterness.

First app to tell if alcohol-related tremors are real or fake

Scientists have developed the world's first app to measure strength of tremors owing to alcohol withdrawal, providing guidance to direct treatment decisions.

Genes may put some people at increased risk of hangovers

Hungover after a wild night of partying? Blame your genes.