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Greece tomb may be linked to Alexander the Great

Archaeologists excavating a burial mound in northern Greece have found two marble sculptures of female figures and a large, colored marble panel in what appears to be the antechamber of the main room.

Ukraine orders troops to full readiness

Ukraine`s acting president Alexander Turchynov Wednesday ordered the country`s armed forces to full readiness due to the "real threat of aggression" from Russia.

I thought I would never have children: Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts says she was worried about having kids when she had not met her partner Liev Schreiber.

Indonesian jailed for declaring himself an atheist

Alexander Aan was imprisoned for sharing explicit material about the Prophet Mohammed online.

`Hitler farted, received bull semen injections`

Adolf Hitler`s poor health condition was revealed in medical documents that are now up for auction online.

`Alexander` reviews left Farrell in depression

Farrell went into depression mode after his new film didn`t fare well.

Rajiv may have had role in Anderson`s fleeing: Alexander

A top aide of Rajiv Gandhi tonight
spoke in contradictory voices about the Bhopal gas tragedy.

UK designer Alexander McQueen found dead

Alexander McQueen, known for his quirky designs, has been found dead at his London home.

Who founded Alexandria!

Sediments of Alexandria predate Alexander’s arrival by hundred of yrs.

Portrait of Alexander

Archaeologist has found a gemstone with portrait of Alexander on it.