New algorithm to help household robots 'see' better
New algorithm to help household robots 'see' better

MIT scientists have developed a new algorithm that could enable household robots to better identify objects in cluttered environments.

Affordable driverless cars within 10 years: Study
Affordable driverless cars within 10 years: Study

Driverless cars could become affordable to most people within 10 years, Australian researchers said Thursday.

Indian-origin researcher develops new quality control system

An Indian-origin researcher Mitul Tailor from the Loughborough University in Britain has developed a computer software system that can be used in quality control in virtually any industry -- from car and aerospace to beauty treatments.

Facebook posts give clues to your personality
Facebook posts give clues to your personality

People can accurately detect the personality traits of strangers through Facebook activity, according to a new study.

Novel way to monitor drone`s parametres

Drones are the future of home delivery and surveillance but to achieve this consistently, they will have to tackle high winds and other uncertainties like depletion of fuel.

Smartphone app to detect underlying heart condition

How about an app that can detect in a jiffy if you are suffering from atrial fibrillation (AF), a serious type of heart arrhythmia that is often a precursor to stroke?

New algorithm allows robots to walk with broken legs

Researchers have developed an algorithm that allows a robot to teach itself to walk with a broken or damaged leg.

Science behind cutting `fair pieces` of cake revealed

A new study has found the algorithm to divide goods such as cake and land.

Algorithm automatically removes boring parts from videos

Scientists have developed a new algorithm that can automatically pick out the good parts from long videos to produce a miniature trailer.

New algorithm can help us `see` the time

Time flies but can we see how time moves? Researchers believe a new algorithm can - with roughly 80 percent accuracy - determine whether a given snippet of video is playing backward or forward.

New algorithm can make your face shots more memorable

Now your face could be instantly transformed into a more memorable one without the need for an expensive makeover.

Hipster or Goth: New algorithm identifies your urban tribe

Computers may soon be able to tell from your photos which "urban tribe" - hipsters, bikers, surfers or goth - you belong to, scientists say.

New search tool could help locate you even in untagged snaps

Engineers from the University of Toronto have developed a new algorithm that could potentially change and simplify the way we look for pics among the billions on social media sites.

New Algorithm assessing quality of Wikipedia articles

An algorithm is assessing the quality of Wikipedia articles, which will reassure visitors about the content of site.

New technique can write your life history using Twitter!

Researchers have developed a new technique that studies your tweets to identify the most significant events you have experienced and assembles them into an accurate life history.

Light brought to complete halt for 1 min

The fastest thing in the universe - Light, was brought to a halt for a record-breaking minute.

Researchers develop algorithm to detect cyber attacks

In an effort to combat cyber attacks, North Carolina State University researchers have developed a software algorithm to detect and isolate cyber-attacks.

Now, an algorithm to predict Twitter trends

Indian origin researchers have come up with a new algorithm that predicts which Twitter topics will trend hours in advance and offers a new technique for analyzing data that fluctuate over time.

Google reveals how it ranks websites

Google Inc offered a detailed glimpse into its secret process of ranking Internet websites.

Twist in Google`s algorithm: Standout stories

Google News will now recognise "featured" content among the tens of thousands of stories it delivers every day.