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23 people killed in Brazil land strife this year

At least 23 landless farmers have been killed so far this year in conflicts over land, mostly in the Amazon basin region, an NGO has reported.

Amazon forests inhale more carbon dioxide than they emit: NASA study

In a finding that is seen as a significant factor in reducing global warming, a new NASA-led study confirmed that natural forests in the Amazon remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than they emit.

China-Brazil satellite launch fails, likely fell back to Earth

A Chinese-Brazilian satellite launched by China on Monday failed to reached its planned orbit and likely fell back to Earth, Brazil`s Ministry of Science said.

Chevron ordered to pay Ecuador $9.51 bn on appeal

An Ecuadoran court Tuesday upheld a ruling that US oil giant Chevron was liable for environmental damage in its Amazon basin region by sister company Texaco, but ordered it to pay a reduced USD9.51 billion.