Johnny Depp, Amber Heard to purchase a new London home

Hollywood star Johnny Depp and his fiancee Amber Heard have decided to buy a property here.

Johnny Depp reads erotic literature with Amber Heard

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard read erotic literature together to have the steamiest sex in Hollywood, it has been revealed.

Johnny Depp gifts expensive book to fiancee

Actor Johnny Depp treated his fiance and actress Amber Heard to a rare Ernest Hemingway book worth 125,000 pounds for her 28th birthday and organised a romantic overnight date at a New York City hotel.

Age gap with Amber Heard is not an issue: Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp says the huge age difference between him and his actress fiancée Amber Heard has never posed a problem in their relationship.

Angelina Jolie warned Johnny Depp not to marry Amber Heard

Johnny Depp got some relationship advice from none other than Angelina Jolie.

Depp designed Heard`s engagement ring

Actor Johnny Depp designed the engagement ring for his fiancee and actress Amber Heard himself, but his attempt to create a unique piece of jewellery went awry.

Johnny Depp`s daughter doesn't find him cool

Actor Johnny Depp says his teenage daughter Lily-Rose doesnt find him cool.

Johnny Depp to reunite with rock band

Actor Johnny Depp has planned to reunite with his old rock band Rock City Angels.

Johnny Depp recalls bad jobs

Hollywood star Johnny Depp has revealed he hated working as a telemarketer and only made one sale.

Johnny Depp wears female engagement ring!

Actor Johnny Depp was spotted wearing a female ring on his engagement finger, and it happens to be the same rock that he gave his fiancee Amber Heard when he proposed to her last year.

Johnny Depp says fiance Amber Heard is `very good for him`

Johnny Depp has gushed over his fiance Amber Heard, saying that she is very good for him.

Amber brings out the best in me: Johnny Depp

Hollywood star Johnny Depp feels his fiancee Amber Heard is `very good` for him as she brings out the best in him.

Johnny Depp confirms engagement to actress Amber Heard

Actor Johnny Depp is engaged to marry actress Amber Heard, who he calls "a Southern belle and sweet as can be and very good for me" in an interview with NBC`s "Today" show to air on Friday.

Johnny Depp confirms engagement to Amber Heard

Actor Johnny Depp has finally confirmed his engagement to girlfriend Amber Heard by joking about his `not very subtle` engagement ring.

Johnny Depp seen wearing `man-gagement ring` before wedding

Johnny Depp was recently spotted wearing a `man-gagement ring` before marrying Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard throw engagement party

Hollywood star Johnny Depp and his fiancee Amber Heard celebrated their upcoming wedding with a star-studded engagement party.

`3 Days To Kill` review: Cliched plot with unconvincing graph

Writer Luc Besson has done some clever tweaks to the recycled story of a dying contract killer on the verge of reconnecting with his family. One last mission, a sexy handler with a deceitful agenda and `3 Days to Kill`.

Johnny Depp escorts Amber Heard to award event

Actor Johnny Depp looked delighted while escorting his fiancee Amber Heard on the the Texas Film Awards red carpet.

Amber Heard hates gym

Amber Heard doesn`t go to the gym as she prefers to stay in shape by exercising outdoors.

Winona Ryder finds Johnny Depp`s engagement to Amber Heard `inappropriate`

Winona Ryder has reportedly slammed her former lover Johnny Depp`s engagement with Amber Heard by calling it `inappropriate`.