Man walking on beach strikes it rich with whale vomit

Beachcombers dream of finding treasures as they stroll along sandy beaches, but one dog walker in Wales struck gold as he exercised his pet - and was on Friday $16,700 richer as he found whale vomit.

Whale vomit set to fetch 7,000 pounds at auction

 An extremely rare lump of whale vomit found by a dog walker on a beach in the UK is expected to fetch 7,000 pounds at the first auction of its kind.

First fossil whale poo discovered in Italy

Scientists believe they have discovered the first fossilised ambergris or whale poo, ever found, in southwestern Umbria in central Italy.

Brit man finds whale vomit worth 43,000 pounds

A British man has been offered 43,000 pounds for a rare piece of whale vomit, weighing three kilogrammes, that his dog stumbled upon while they were taking a walk on the beach.