ISIS believes religions who agree with democracy have to die, says journo who was allowed access to its regions
ISIS believes religions who agree with democracy have to die, says journo who was allowed access to its regions

A journalist from the West who was allowed access to ISIS or Islamic State territories in Iraq and Syria has warned that the terrorist group is more dangerous than it is perceived to be.

Spy agencies failed to prevent 26/11 terror attack: Report

In a revelation that sends shivers down one's spine, an investigative report on Tuesday claimed that the attacks in Mumbai in 2008 could have been thwarted had the US, British and Indian spy agencies managed to pull together all the strands gathered by their high-tech surveillance.

Obama holds National Security Council meeting to discuss Pakistan

 President Barack Obama met his National Security Council team at the White House to review potential holiday threats and discuss America's security posture in Pakistan in view of the horrific terrorist attack on a school in Peshawar that left 141 dead, mostly children.

Lindsay finds new man, keen to settle in Britain
Lindsay finds new man, keen to settle in Britain

 Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan, who has found a new man - a banker, wants to settle in Britain permanently.

For CIA, fallout from Senate report looks far from over

As outcry grows over its now-defunct brutal interrogation program, America`s spy agency appears caught in the crossfire of debate over its methods in the ongoing US battle against Islamic militants and whether it has changed its ways.

Uber cab's history: A controversial record in the US too

Not just in India, there have been multiple incidents of Uber drivers sexually assaulting passengers. In 2013, an Uber driver in Washington DC was arrested for allegedly raping a 20-year-old passenger though there were no charges pressed.

US couple released by Qatar in child death return to Los Angeles

An American couple convicted and later cleared of wrongdoing in the death of their adopted African-born daughter in Qatar returned to Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon, a family spokesman said on Twitter.

US warns Cuba American`s detention blocking better ties

Cuba`s lengthy imprisonment of an American contractor is a major obstacle to improving frosty ties between Havana and Washington, a senior US diplomat warned Tuesday.

America avoid "curse" to reach Mexican semi-finals
America avoid "curse" to reach Mexican semi-finals

America have overcome the so-called “curse of the superleaders” to go through to the Mexican Apertura championship semi-finals where they will meet Toluca.

IS recruit Arif Majeed arrested after return to Mumbai, interrogated by NIA

The 23-year-old Kalyan youth, who had joined the terror group Islamic State (IS) and was arrested after his return to Mumbai, has claimed that a contact helped him reached Mosul.

Black money: A Zee Media exclusive report

A Zee Media exclusive coverage on black money.

Watch: Zee Media exclusive coverage on black money

Referring to the steps being taken by the government to unearth black money, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said government has identified 427 account holders associated with HSBC list and 250 of them have admitted to having foreign accounts.

DNA: Six years after 26/11, Mumbai's coastline still far from secure?

Even six years after the 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai, in which 10 Pakistani terrorists killed 164 people and injured over 250, the city's coastline is still far from secure.

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China could take down America's power grid: US official

China and probably one or two other countries have the capability to shut down America's power grid and other critical infrastructure through a cyber attack, the head of the National Security Agency has said.

Parallel lives in small town America

The historic heart of this small US town was trimmed in patriotic red, white and blue for "Return Day," but only a part of the community celebrates this 200-year-old tradition marking the end of elections.

Buffalo, western New York hit with epic snow

The western New York city and its suburbs are bracing for up to another three feet of snow by Friday morning after a storm already dropped nearly six feet on some areas in an epic display by Mother Nature that left at least seven people dead in the region.

America warns Pakistan ahead of J&K polls

Ahead of J&K polls, America has warned Pakistan following intelligence inputs that Pakistan-based militants may disrupt the ensuing assembly election by attacking security convoys and political workers in south Kashmir.

New York's Buffalo buried by wall of snow; at least 7 dead

A "historic" storm dumped more than five feet of snow, stranding scores of motorists, canceling flights and killing at least seven people in the northeastern United States.

Heavy snowfall, cold weather disrupt life in US

Heavy snowfall and cold weather disrupts the normal life in the US.