Tibetan-Americans to celebrate 80th birthday of the Dalai Lama
Tibetan-Americans to celebrate 80th birthday of the Dalai Lama

The small Tibetan community in the US is planning to celebrate the 80th birthday of their spiritual leader the Dalai Lama in a grand ceremony for two days next week in New York.

US Independence Day: President Pranab Mukherjee greets Americans
US Independence Day: President Pranab Mukherjee greets Americans

President Pranab Mukherjee on Saturday greeted the government and people of America on the occasion of 239th Independence Day of the United States.

Most Americans want their physicians join Facebook
Most Americans want their physicians join Facebook

Have you ever contacted your doctor on Facebook to discuss your health? A large number of Americans would love to, though they don't actually do it, says a new survey.

Two-thirds Americans either overweight or obese

 More than two-thirds of Americans - 75 percent men and 67 percent women aged 25 and older - are now either overweight or obese, a survey shows.

US marks yoga day with fervour, governors issue proclamations

Governors of key US states and mayors of important cities issued proclamations to mark the first International Day of Yoga as Americans turned up in large numbers in support of the ancient Indian spiritual practice.

Several Americans held in Yemen: State Department

Several Americans have been detained in Yemen, a State Department official said Sunday, amid reports that at least four US citizens are being held by Shiite rebels.

Alleged UAE killer of American 'aware of her actions'

An Emirati woman on trial over two alleged jihad-inspired attacks against Americans, including killing a teacher, was aware of her actions the court said Monday, citing a medical report.

ISIS ideology increasingly resonating with Americans: NSA

Islamic State's ideology is "increasingly resonating" with Americans and the trend of the terror group recruiting adherents online is on the rise, according to the US' National Security Agency.

Americans love `Downtown Abbey`s Lady Mary-like posh Brit accent
Americans love `Downtown Abbey`s Lady Mary-like posh Brit accent

The aristocratic voice of 'Downtown Abbey's Lady Mary is the most-wanted British accent in the US.

Foreigners in Nepal at time of deadly earthquake

Here are details released by some foreign governments on citizens who were in Nepal at the time a strong earthquake hit on Saturday, killing almost 2,500.

Nearly half of Americans threatened by earthquakes

Nearly half of Americans - 150 million people - are threatened by possibly damaging ground shaking from earthquakes, scientists, including one of Indian-origin, have warned.

One in 10 Americans have anger issues and access to guns

Nearly one in 10 adults in the US have a history of impulsive, angry behaviour and have access to guns, according to a new study.

DNA: Gold medalist boxer Rishu Mittal works as a maid to pay school fees

In a shocking disclosure, gold medal boxer Rishu Mittal from Haryana has been forced to work as a maid in order to pay her school fees.

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Americans seek `war crimes` charges against Hamas leaders

Twenty-six Americans filed a complaint on Tuesday to the US Attorney General requesting the justice ministry prosecute Hamas leaders for "war crimes," the Israeli legal group representing them said.

US uses 'Intel Inside' model to push GM crops

The 'Intel Inside' model has become the template for deploying agricultural biotechnology from American publicly-funded research institutions and private corporations to farmers in developing countries.

US says three Americans killed in Germanwings crash

 Three Americans, including two women from the same family, died in the Germanwings plane disaster in the French Alps that killed all 150 on board, the US State Department said on Wednesday.

US confirms two Americans killed in Germanwings crash

The US State Department confirmed on Wednesday that two Americans died in the Germanwings plane disaster in the French Alps.

Obama jokes British royals more popular than US politicians

US President Barack Obama welcomed Prince Charles and his wife Camilla to the White House on Thursday, joking that Americans liked the British royals more than local politicians.

US spy chief says he got a mixed reception in North Korea

 US spy chief James Clapper said that when he made a secret visit to North Korea in November to bring home two jailed Americans he was first given a 12-course banquet and then later told by his hosts that his security could not be guaranteed.

White House calls climate change greater threat to country than terrorism

The White House says that climate change is a bigger threat to Americans than terrorism.