NASA`s LADEE lunar exploration mission gets extension

The Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) will get more time to explore the Moon than primitively planned after getting approval for a 28-day extension from the US space agency, NASA.

Misaligned planets in distant planetary system discovered

Using NASA`s Kepler space telescope, an international team of astronomers have found a distant planetary system, which features multiple planets orbiting at a severe tilt to their host star.

NASA calls off attempts to fix Kepler space telescope

The Kepler space telescope`s planet-hunting days are over because its broken positioning system cannot be fixed, NASA officials said on Thursday.

NASA`s Kepler space telescope could soon be shut down permanently

The Kepler space telescope - NASA`s primary instrument for detecting planets beyond our solar system-had suffered a critical failure and could soon be shut down permanently.

NASA finds new astronomical tool to trace evolution of cosmic carbon

Scientists at NASA`s Ames Research Center could be able to systematically investigate the molecular evolution of cosmic carbon.