Belgian police release six questioned over 2015 train attack

Belgium remains on heightened alert three months after three suicide bombers killed 32 victims in attacks on Brussels airport and a metro car.

Chris Brown fined in Amsterdam

Chris Brown fined in Amsterdam

Singer Chris Brown has been fined by police in Amsterdam for riding a motorbike without license plates.

Australian firm names Russia, Putin in MH17 compensation claim: Report

An Australian law firm has filed a compensation claim against Russia and President Vladimir Putin in the European Court of Human Rights on behalf of families of victims of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17, shot down in 2014, media reported.

Dutch probe airport security scare, man still held

Dutch military police were Wednesday investigating a major security alert triggered overnight at Amsterdam`s busy international airport, with one man still in custody.

Amsterdam airport partly evacuated in security alert, man detained

Dozens of heavily-armed military police swooped on Amsterdam`s Schiphol airport late Tuesday, evacuating part of the busy travel hub and arresting one man, triggering a four-hour security alert.

Jet Airways to operate 3 flights on Thursday to fly passengers stranded in Brussels

Jet Airways to operate 3 flights on Thursday to fly passengers stranded in Brussels

An airline spokesperson said the first recovery flight will depart from Amsterdam for Mumbai at 1400 hrs (local time) while the one for New Delhi will depart at 1600 hrs (local time).

Malaysia Airlines lifts baggage ban on Europe flights

Malaysia Airlines said on Wednesday it has lifted a ban on check-in baggage on flights to Paris and Amsterdam, after the move angered many passengers who slammed the airline on social media.

Jet Airways to codeshare with KLM, Delta; to make Amsterdam new hub

In a move that will help it fly more passengers to Europe and the US, Jet Airways on Monday announced codesharing pacts with KLM and Delta Air Lines besides deciding to make Dutch capita Amsterdam as its new hub in Europe.


'Security gates to be installed at Lille, Paris train stations'

A Thalys train from Amsterdam to Paris was attacked by a heavily armed man in August, but he was overpowered by passengers.

France-bound airliner grounded at Amsterdam over threatening tweet: Dutch authorities

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced heightened security measures for all traffic going from or to France.

Body of stowaway found in cargo plane in Amsterdam

The body of a dead stowaway was found on Saturday in the landing gear of a cargo plane at Amsterdam`s Schiphol airport, police said.

Amsterdam hospital evacuates hundreds after pipe burst flood

Around 350 patients at one of Amsterdam's largest hospitals, including a dozen newborns, were evacuated on Tuesday after a water main ruptured and flooded the building, the hospital said.

Malaysia Airlines flight makes emergency landing

A Malaysia-bound flight with 230 passengers on board made an emergency landing at the airport here on Thursday following a technical problem.

Police raid Brussels homes after foiled train attack

Belgian police raided two homes in a poor district of Brussels and took away some objects as part of investigations into last week`s foiled attack on an international train bound for Paris, prosecutors said on Tuesday.

Train gunman went from France to Syria: Spanish intelligence

 The suspected gunman who wounded two during an attack aboard an Amsterdam-Paris train travelled from France to Syria, a Spanish anti-terror source said on Saturday.

French passenger was first to tackle train attacker: Minister

French passenger was first to tackle train attacker: Minister

A French passenger was the first to tackle the gunman who opened fire on a train between Amsterdam and Paris, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said Saturday. 

Obama praises `heroic` US servicemen in French train attack

President Barack Obama praised the heroism of US service members who overpowered a gunman aboard a high-speed train traveling from Amsterdam to Paris on Friday.

Three wounded in shooting on Amsterdam-to-Paris train

Three people were wounded in a shooting incident on high-speed train between Amsterdam and Paris on Friday, the French Interior Ministry said.

Watch: Passenger plane dangerously oscillates before touching runway

Watch: Passenger plane dangerously oscillates before touching runway

In what may have put the lives of many travellers in danger, a KLM Asia passenger jet was seen perilously swaying left and right while landing at the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam.

Malaysia must seek justice for MH17 victims: Defence Minister

Malaysia must take a stand and seek justice for the victims of Malaysia Airlines plane downed over Ukraine last year, the country's defence minister on Friday said after Russia rejected its calls for setting up a UN tribunal to try those responsible for crashing the aircraft.