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Another species of 'modern humans' existed along with 'Lucy' 3.5 million years ago

A new study has examined that humans have a new ancestor i.e. a new hominin species called Australopithecus deyiremeda that most probably lived at the same time as the "Lucy" species in Ethiopia.

Ben Affleck reveals name of his slave-owning ancestor

Ben Affleck reveals name of his slave-owning ancestor

Actor-director Ben Affleck has taken to Twitter to name his long-deceased relative, who owned slaves.

Humans may have mastered using fire 350,000 years ago

A new study has shed light on an Israeli cave that has given few hints about when humans mastered fire.

Mystery of last universal common ancestor solved

Scientists have solved a four billion-year-old mystery surrounding the one common ancestor of all life on Earth.

How rare chance events influence evolution

How much does our evolution depend on chance mutations? Quite a lot, say scientists.

Sacred lotus bears closest resemblance to ancestor of flowering plants

A team of researchers has reported that they have sequenced the sacred lotus genome, and the results offer insight into the heart of some of its mysteries.

Gwyneth Paltrow cries after learning of ancestor’s miracle

Gwyneth Paltrow wept on a television show when she discovered that her great-great-great grandfather was `a miracle worker` who apparently saved a town from being consumed by a fire.

Ancestor of Triceratops

The giant-horned dinosaur Ojoceratops fowleri is apparently the ancestor of Triceratops.

All modern life on Earth originated from common ancestor

All life on Earth in today’s date must have stemmed from a common ancestor rather than multiple sources.

Possible new human ancestor found in Siberia

Genetic material pulled from a pinky finger bone found in a Siberian cave shows a new and unknown type of pre-human lived alongside modern humans and Neanderthals, scientists reported on Wednesday.

Hunt on for Michelle’s slave-owning white ancestor: The Australian

In the suburbs of Atlanta and the family histories of 19th-century slave owners, the hunt was on yesterday for the identity of a white man who was Michelle Obama`s great-great-great-grandfather.

Mother of humanity

The story of humankind is reaching back another million years.