DNA: Today in History, February 8

Watch Today in History to learn the important event and occurrences that took place on this very date.

Feb 08, 2016, 23:37 PM IST

World's oldest stone tools found

 Scientists have found in east Africa stone tools dating back 3.3 million years -- long before the advent of modern humans and by far the oldest such artefacts yet discovered.

May 21, 2015, 16:38 PM IST

Kanpur: Mughal-era silver coins found on the banks of river Ganga

Mughal-era silver coins found on the banks of river Ganga in Kanpur.

Sep 13, 2014, 13:22 PM IST

Cuban fishermen discover ancient artifacts

Fishermen in Cuba`s Pinar del Rio province have discovered artifacts believed to be from a 17th or 18th century shipwreck.

Aug 23, 2014, 13:10 PM IST

New evidence suggests mummification in Egypt started 1.5K years earlier than thought

A new study has revealed that newly discovered evidence suggests that the origins of mummification started in ancient Egypt 1,500 years earlier than previously thought.

Aug 14, 2014, 18:55 PM IST

Ancient tomb discovered in China

An ancient tomb dating back 1,500 years has been unearthed in China`s Shanxi province, offering researchers valuable material relating to the Northern Wei Dynasty.

Jun 19, 2014, 17:36 PM IST

Chinese man`s pee unearths ancient porcelain figurine

In a chance discovery, a young man in China who stopped for a roadside pee break found a centuries-old porcelain figurine hiding in a mound of soil which washed away when he urinated.

Apr 28, 2014, 16:09 PM IST

I`m not ancient: Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell, who is father of two, says even at 36 he feels like a kid in many ways.

May 10, 2013, 14:45 PM IST

Ancient handwritten Ramcharitmanas stolen

A hand written Ramcharitmanas has
been stolen from a temple situated in Bhelupur area on the
banks of the Ganga here, police said on Friday.

Dec 23, 2011, 21:51 PM IST

China to restore protective eaves to ancient Buddhist grottoes

Yungang Buddhist Grottoes is a world
heritage site in northern Shanxi Province.

May 10, 2011, 10:26 AM IST

Ancient town found in Myanmar

Archaeologists in Myanmar have discovered parts of a religious building dating back to 100 BC during the Pyu era.

Nov 30, 2010, 09:06 AM IST

Ancient pots found in Argentina

A family in Argentina have found eight pots, believed to be around 1,300 years old.

Aug 20, 2010, 08:42 AM IST

Ancient bison kill site uncovered in Montana

Researchers have uncovered a vast former hunting complex where bison were stampeded over a cliff at least 1,000 years ago.

Aug 10, 2010, 10:10 AM IST

Ancient Roman bronze tweezers found

Archaeologists have found an ancient Roman personal care set at Myra-Andriake in Turkey`s Antalya’s district.

Aug 04, 2010, 08:40 AM IST

Ancient inscriptions found in temple

Inscriptions dating to the 13th century have been found in a temple in Pudukottai district.

Aug 03, 2010, 09:18 AM IST

Stone tools reveal ancient human diet

Ancient stone tools suggesting the diverse diet of early humans have been found.

Jun 04, 2010, 11:08 AM IST

Ancient Egyptian city

Archaeologists working in North Sinai have unearthed Tharu, an ancient fortified city, a move which stressed the importance of this area as the eastern gate of Egypt.

Apr 27, 2010, 09:41 AM IST

Worship plaque found

An archaeological excavation near here has led to the recovery of an ancient `Worship Plaque`, carved in red-stone that is revered in Buddhism.

Apr 20, 2010, 10:13 AM IST

Lok Sabha passes bill for better care of ancient monuments

Protection of ancient monuments and archaeological remains climbed a notch higher up the government`s agenda with the Lok Sabha Monday unanimously passing an amendment to the law safeguarding such sites.

Mar 15, 2010, 22:21 PM IST

Ancient galaxies come together after 10 billion years

Astronomers have found the astronomical equivalent of prehistoric life in our intergalactic backyard, in the form of a group of small, ancient galaxies that has waited 10 billion years to come together.

Feb 19, 2010, 12:09 PM IST