UK police face new inquiry over `plebgate` scandal

Britain`s police watchdog said it will carry out a fresh investigation into three officers whose actions helped spark the resignation of former minister Andrew Mitchell.

UK ex-minister complains against Scotland Yard

Former British minister Andrew Mitchell has lodged a complaint against the Scotland Yard over its handling of the `plebgate` row, accusing them of leaking information to the media.

Britain to give Bangladesh $350 mn aid

The British fund will aid the Bangladesh government`s Third Primary Education Development Programme.

UK minister demands Myanmar prisoner release

A British govt minister has
called for the release of all political prisoners in army-dominated Myanmar during his first visit to the country, reports said.

UK likely to cut foreign aid to `rich` India

Britain may scale down the 250 million-pound aid given to India annually, saying wealthy local people could do more to help their poor countrymen.