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Astronomers unlock clues to star birth in neighbouring galaxy

Astronomers unlock clues to star birth in neighbouring galaxy

 After analysing images of 2,753 young, blue star clusters in the neighbouring Andromeda galaxy (M31), astronomers with the help from “citizen scientists” have found that M31 and our own Milky Way have a similar percentage of new-born stars based on mass.

Mysterious, nearly-invisible halo discovered around Andromeda Galaxy

Scientists using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have discovered that the immense halo of gas enveloping the Andromeda galaxy, our nearest massive galactic neighbor, is about six times larger and 1,000 times more massive than previously measured.

Andromeda galaxy had more violent history than Milky Way

Andromeda galaxy had more violent history than Milky Way

A new study has revealed that Andromeda had more violent history, as scientists found a more disordered stellar population than our Milky Way, suggesting that it may have been bombarded by smaller galaxies.

Hubble telescope captures sharpest image of Andromeda galaxy ever

NASA's Hubble Space telescope has managed to capture a portion of the Andromeda galaxy (M31) which is the sharpest large composite image ever taken of our galactic next-door neighbor.

Dwarf galaxies dancing around larger ones question universe formation theories

Several dwarf galaxies that `dance` throughout the universe in arranged disc-shaped orbits around larger ones makes it more difficult to understand how the universe was formed and evolved, according to a new study.

Milky Way`s location among `Council of Giants` mapped

Researchers have found that the Milky Way and Andromeda are encircled by twelve large galaxies arranged in a ring about 24-light-years across.

Stream of stars in Andromeda galaxy shows cosmic collision

Researchers at Niels Bohr Institute have detected a stream of stars in one of the Andromeda Galaxy`s outer satellite galaxies, a dwarf galaxy called Andromeda II.

Milky Way, Andromeda collided 10 bn years ago?

Our Milky Way smashed into its neighbouring Andromeda galaxy around 10 billion years ago, European astronomers suggest.

NASA finds `bonanza` of black holes in galaxy next door

Data from NASA`s Chandra X-ray Observatory have helped astronomers to discover an unprecedented bonanza of black holes in the Andromeda Galaxy, one of the nearest galaxies to the Milky Way.

Rare comet to light up evening sky this month

A comet with a glowing tail will make a once-in-a-lifetime appearance in the evening sky this month, experts have revealed.

Pancake-like structure spotted in Andromeda galaxy

Astronomers have found a group of dwarf galaxies moving in unison in the vicinity of the Andromeda Galaxy.

`Milky Way destined for collision with Andromeda galaxy`

NASA astronomers have predicted a titanic collision between our Milky Way galaxy and the neighbouring Andromeda galaxy.

Rogue stars ejected from Milky Way found in intergalactic space

Researchers have identified a group of more than 675 stars on the outskirts of the Milky Way that they argue are hypervelocity stars that have been ejected from the galactic core.

NASA releases first images from WISE spacecraft

A glowing comet. A star-forming cloud. A new view of the Andromeda galaxy. A dense galaxy cluster.

Astronomers discover new tidal streams in Andromeda Galaxy

An international team of astronomers has identified two new tidal streams in the Andromeda Galaxy, the remnants of dwarf galaxies consumed by our large galactic neighbor.