Milky Way is way smaller than thought

The Milky Way is lighter than astronomers previously thought, according to new research that weighed up our galaxy precisely for the first time.

Surprising clutch of hydrogen clouds found lurking between nearby galaxies

Astronomers have discovered a never-before-seen cluster of hydrogen clouds strewn between two nearby galaxies, Andromeda (M31) and Triangulum (M33).

Stellar mass black hole discovered in Andromeda

Astrophysicists studying X-rays emitted a long time ago in a far away galaxy, has unmasked a stellar mass black hole in Andromeda.

Collision of galaxies ‘formed Andromeda’

Andromeda - the nearest spiral galaxy to the Milky Way- was born when two smaller galaxies collided.

No strain for Andromeda: Galaxy is cosmic cannibal

Our nearest major galactic neighbor is a cosmic cannibal. And it`s heading this way eventually. Astronomers have long suspected Andromeda of being a space predator, consuming dwarf galaxies that wander too close.