Luis Suarez happy in Lionel Messi's shadow, angry at racist label
Luis Suarez happy in Lionel Messi's shadow, angry at racist label

Luis Suarez is unconcerned at being overshadowed by Lionel Messi’s scoring feats at Barcelona but remains angry about being labelled a “racist” and a “cheat” in England.

Why is Varun Dhawan irritated?
Why is Varun Dhawan irritated?

Actor Varun Dhawan says it's "irritating" to hear about rape incidents in the country and wonders when India will do something about it.

Violent 3-D video games can make players angry
Violent 3-D video games can make players angry

Playing violent video games in 3-D makes everything seem more real - and can lead to higher anger levels in players, a new study has found.

I hurt my foot, I didn`t die, says Victoria Azarenka
I hurt my foot, I didn`t die, says Victoria Azarenka

 Victoria Azarenka lost patience with questions over her season-disrupting foot injury on Monday, telling reporters to stop treating it like a near-death experience.

Former Pakistan players angry at team`s performance against Sri Lanka

Pakistan`s batting capitulation on the final day of the first Test against Sri Lanka has left many former players angry and red-faced.

IOA Ad-hoc body justifies last-minute postponement of boxing trials

Star pugilist MC Mary Kom might be angry at the last-minute postponement of the trials to pick boxers for Asian Games but the Ad-hoc Committee, which is running the sport, Saturday justified the move, saying that the Commonwealth Games medal winners needed a break after a tough competition.

Salman Khan praises `HAHK` director Sooraj Barjatya

Bollywood `dabangg`, Salman Khan, is known to everyone as a man with the most honest opinion about others—and he never hides it too. Well, on the eve of `Hum Aapke Hai Koun` (HAHK) completing two decades in Bollywood, Sallu bhai praised the maker, Sooraj Barjatya in a special video shot to celebrate the occasion, reportedly.

Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola angry after loss

Angry Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola did not shake hands with his opposite number after his star-studded side lost to the MLS All-Star team in a fierce friendly in Portland, Oregon on Wednesday.

Daniel Radcliffe`s parents banned him from having tattoos

`Harry Potter` star Daniel Radcliffe has revealed his parents would be angry if he gets a tattoo.

Newcastle fans planning mass walkout after 69 minutes

Newcastle United fans, "angry and frustrated" by their team`s poor season, are planning a 69th-minute walk-out protest during their final home Premier League match against Cardiff City on Saturday.

Feeling angry or sad? Brain scans can tell

Scientists have for the first time used brain scans to identify emotions such as happiness, anger, sadness or even envy that a person may be experiencing.

Robbie Williams in need for new musical movement

Robbie Williams believes that Britain is in need of a new musical movement that angry people can hold on to.

Hot temper can add 2 years to your life

Being fiery and expressing negative emotions can lead to long-lasting good health, according to researchers.

Kirsten Dunst ‘angry’ with directors who treat like her ‘puppet’

Kirsten Dunst has revealed that she finds it frustrating when she is treated like a “puppet” on film sets.

Angry bus driver mows down 7 passengers

Angry after a row over fare, a bus
driver on Wednesday allegedly ran over 17 passengers.

Angry over cancellation of Akon`s concert, fans protest

Angry fans, disappointed with the cancellation of popular American songwriter-singer Akon`s concert, protested here tonight, sources close to the artiste said.

Salman miffed with a music channel that’s undermining ‘Ready’

To be rubbing Salman Khan the wrong way is like asking for trouble! The actor, who is ready with his upcoming film ‘Ready’ is being critically analysed by a music channel that has been running trade analysis shows on the market viability prospects of his next film. The show being telecast on the music channel is raising questions like ‘Will ‘Ready’ meet the expectations?’.

Speaker angry over member pointing finger at Chair

Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar took exception to a Congress member pointing finger at the Chair while trying to make a point in the House.

Feeling angry? Blame the diet

People who diet are more likely to be irritable and angry.

Get angry easily? Beware of inflammatory diseases

Those who become angry or anxious easily are more prone to inflammatory diseases like cardiovascular ailments than others, says a new study.