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Baby monkeys grow faster to avoid infanticide

 Some baby monkeys develop faster than others in the same population, and this is best explained by the threat of infanticide they face from adult males, says a study.

Being a good father may lead burying beetles to early death

 Male insects with low-quality partners try to compensate for their mate's shortcomings by putting more effort into parental duties, and could pay the price by dying younger, a new study on burying beetles has found.

Dogs rely on memory rather than smell at times

Dogs rely on memory rather than smell at times

 Dogs rely more on their memory than their sense of smell to find a hidden treat, reveals new research by citizen scientists which was corroborated by lab findings.

Female mice sing back for sex

 While it is known that male mice belt out something like love songs to females when the time seems right to them, new research has found that interested female mice sing back their consent.