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Rare insect fossils to be exhibited in China

 An exhibition of rare insect fossils, including that of an ant believed to be 165 million years old, will open tomorrow in southwest China's Sichuan Province.

Chimps have favourite 'tool set' for hunting army ants

Chimps have favourite 'tool set' for hunting army ants

Chimpanzees search for the right tools from a key plant species when preparing to 'ant dip' - a technique that enables them to feast on army ants without getting bitten, a new study has found.

Secrets behind ant`s amazing strength revealed

Researchers are studying biomechanics behind amazing ant strength, which might unlock one of nature`s little mysteries and, quite possibly, open the door to advancements in robotic engineering.

Ants and termites aid discovery of new gold deposits

Ants and termites are stockpiling gold in their mounds, according to Australia’s national science agency, The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.

Researchers to use radio devices to see how ants communicate

Scientists are planning to fit radio receivers to over one thousand ants to observe their habits and ways of communication.

Ant queens’ egg laying rate increases with age

Ant queens lay more eggs as they get older, researchers have found.

Scientists sequence ant genomes for the first time

The findings could provide an insight into human ageing and behaviour.

Plotting, treachery rife in ant royal families

Social insects, ants in particular, are usually thought of as selfless entities willing to sacrifice everything for their comrades.