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Greek crisis talks end without breakthrough

Greece and its creditors failed to reach a breakthrough at crunch talks in Brussels Thursday despite saying they had made progress towards a deal that could save Athens from a possible euro exit.

Tens of thousands march to support Spanish anti-austerity party

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets in Madrid on Saturday in support of new anti-austerity party Podemos, a week after Greece elected its hard-left ally Syriza.

Greece seeks EU allies but Germany holds firm

Greece`s radical new government on Saturday began a search for European allies for its anti-austerity agenda, but German Chancellor Angela Merkel once again ruled out debt relief for Athens.

Greece says no to austerity, anti-bailout Syriza party wins election

Greece says no to austerity, anti-bailout Syriza party wins election

In what seems to steer the country on an anti-EU course, the crucial make-or-break election in Greece has been won by the radical left anti-austerity Syriza party, officials said Monday.

Anti-austerity Syriza wins Greece election: Exit polls

Anti-austerity Syriza wins Greece election: Exit polls

Radical leftwing party Syriza won Greece`s general election on Sunday in a victory that could impact the course of austerity in Europe, exit polls showed.

Greece could exit euro `by accident` finance minister warns

Greece could exit the euro by accident, Finance Minister Gikas Hardouvelis said Tuesday in a new warning of what could happen if anti-austerity leftist party Syriza wins the election later this month.

Anti-austerity Greek radicals ahead in Athens local election: Exit polls

Greece`s radical leftist party Syriza, which opposes the government`s austerity policies, was leading in the Athens area, exit polls of the first round of local elections showed on Sunday.

Social unease builds in Italy with anti-austerity demos

Thousands of protesters including the "Forconi" (Pitchforks) movement rallied against austerity in Rome today in protests seen as a sign of sweeping social unease in a country ravaged by economic crisis.

Anti-austerity strike hits Greece

Greece was gripped by a one-day general strike, in protest the austerity and reform programme introduced to lift the country up from a debt crisis.

Greek anti-austerity strike to paralyze transport

Greek workers will ground flights, shut down schools and paralyze public transport in a nationwide walkout Wednesday.

Greece hit by anti-austerity general strike

A nationwide strike gripped Greece over the unprecedented austerity cuts imposed to avert fiscal meltdown.