Fear of violence after nationalist Australia rallies

Australian officials urged vigilance on Monday following nationalistic and anti-Islam rallies, to ensure sentiment does not boil over into ugly race rights similar to those seen in 2005.

European anti-Islam group`s Canadian protest fizzles

A planned protest by the new Canadian branch of anti-Islam group PEGIDA failed to materialize here Saturday as around 500 opponents gathered to rally against the demonstration.

Being anti-Mursi is not anti-Islam: Egypt`s religious body

A leading Sunni institution in Egypt has said peaceful opposition to President Mohammed Morsi is not anti-Islam.

UK-based Muslims fear ‘wave of anti-Islamic attacks’ following Woolwich murder

Muslim groups have urged authorities to take serious action against anti-Islamic attacks, saying that they fear a wave of reprisals in the wake of the Woolwich murder of Drummer Lee Rigby.

Moscow court declares anti-Islam US film extremist

A Moscow court Monday declared as extremist the anti-Islam US film "Innocence of Muslims".

Moscow court declares anti-Islam US film extremist

A Moscow court Monday declared as extremist the anti-Islam US film "Innocence of Muslims".

Pak summons acting US envoy to lodge protest against film

Richard Hoagland was told that the "US Government should immediately take measures to remove the sacrilegious video from YouTube and take action against its author".

Egyptian gets 6 yrs jail for anti-Islam posting on facebook

Egyptian court has sentenced a teacher for posting cartoons on Facebook deemed offensive to Islam and for insulting Prez Mohamed Morsi and his family.

Norway`s Breivik to call extremists to testify

Breivik denies criminal guilt for the July 22 attacks,
saying they were part of an anti-Muslim revolution.

FBI agents` training material is `critical of Islam`

876 pages of training material used for training FBI agents has been found to be critical and offensive of Islam.

Pak to block websites, `propagating anti-Islam agenda`

Pak`s Interior Minister
directed the authorities to block websites
and SMS "propagating an anti-Islam agenda".

New campaign aims to counter US anti-Islam sentiment

A coalition of US Muslims
launched a Web-based campaign today aimed at countering what
they called a rising tide of anti-Islamic sentiment and to
show themselves as Americans who love their country.

Dutch lawmaker forms anti-Islam group

An anti-Islam lawmaker in
the Netherlands is forming an international alliance to spread
his message across the West in a bid to ban immigration from
Islamic countries, among other goals.

Dutch anti-Islam MP set to go on trial in October: court

Dutch far-right lawmaker Geert
Wilders is set to stand trial in October on charges of
inciting racial hatred against Muslims, the Amsterdam district
court said on Tuesday.