Delayed prescriptions could help fight antibiotic resistance

Delayed prescriptions could help fight antibiotic resistance

 Delayed prescriptions or shorter courses of treatment could be a potential way of fighting antibiotic resistance, suggest two studies led by University of Southampton in Britain.

Aug 17, 2017, 00:16 AM IST
'Magical' antibiotic modified to beat bacterial resistance

'Magical' antibiotic modified to beat bacterial resistance

Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) in the US structurally modified the lifesaving antibiotic called vancomycin to make an already-powerful version of the antibiotic even more potent.

May 30, 2017, 22:21 PM IST
Scientists claim this common antibiotic can help prevent, treat PTSD!

Scientists claim this common antibiotic can help prevent, treat PTSD!

PTSD is a term for a broad range of psychological symptoms that can develop after someone experiences or witnesses a traumatic event.

Apr 05, 2017, 00:24 AM IST
This new antibiotic can be the cure for gonorrhoea – Read

This new antibiotic can be the cure for gonorrhoea – Read

People will be well aware that CO is a toxic molecule but that is at high concentrations. Here we are using very low concentrations which we know the bacteria are sensitive to.

Jan 05, 2017, 13:52 PM IST

Is childhood antibiotic use linked to obesity?

As the obesity rate continues to skyrocket in the US, scientists across the country are combing the health records of 1.6 million kids to determine if childhood antibiotic use causes weight gain later in life.

Aug 31, 2016, 22:15 PM IST

PM Modi urges people not to take antibiotics without prescription on 'Mann Ki Baat'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday shared his thoughts on certain issues in his 22nd edition of his popular radio programme 'Mann Ki Baat'.

Jul 31, 2016, 15:52 PM IST

Patients with skin infections hardly complete antibiotic doses

 Patients with skin infections are less likely to take all their prescribed antibiotic doses after leaving the hospital, resulting in new infection or needing additional treatment for the existing skin infection, says a study.

Mar 29, 2016, 12:18 PM IST

Copper can destroy MRSA 'superbug'

Frequently touched surfaces in busy areas -- such as hospitals, transport hubs and public buildings - may help spread MRSA.

Feb 24, 2016, 20:52 PM IST

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Dec 30, 2015, 13:11 PM IST

'Dangerously high' antibiotic resistance levels worldwide: WHO

 Antibiotic resistance has reached dangerous levels globally, the WHO warned.

Nov 17, 2015, 03:11 AM IST

Frequent travellers at antibiotic-resistance risk

Even travelling, not just overuse of antibiotic, can make people vulnerable to antibiotic resistance if they eat contaminated food and water containing resistant bacteria.

Aug 21, 2015, 17:19 PM IST

Will open 1000 'Aam Aadmi Clinics' this year, says Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who inaugurated the first 'Aam Aadmi Clinic' in the national capital on Sunday, said his government will open 1000 such clinics this year in the city.

Jul 19, 2015, 18:16 PM IST

Re-engineered antibiotic could combat drug-resistant bacteria

US scientists have created a promising second-generation antibiotic to combat bacteria that are a common cause of respiratory and other infections, including the sexually transmitted gonorrhea disease.

May 21, 2015, 12:09 PM IST

Drug-resistant 'superbug' strain of typhoid spreads worldwide

An antibiotic-resistant "superbug" strain of typhoid fever has spread globally, driven by a single family of the bacteria, called H58, according to the findings of a large international study.

May 11, 2015, 23:31 PM IST

Antibiotic use in animals on the rise worldwide

Antibiotic consumption in livestock worldwide could see a 67 per cent increase by 2030, and nearly double in countries such as India and China, scientists, including one of Indian-origin, have found.

Mar 27, 2015, 19:32 PM IST

World set to lose benefits of antibiotics: Study

 Antibiotic consumption in livestock worldwide could rise by 67 percent between 2010 and 2030, and possibly endanger their effectiveness in humans, say Princeton University researchers, including one who is of Indian-origin.

Mar 27, 2015, 12:32 PM IST

White House crafts first-ever plan to fight superbugs

The White House is due to issue an ambitious plan to slow the growing and deadly problem of antibiotic resistance over the next five years, one that requires massive investments and policy changes from a broad array of US government health agencies, according to a copy of the report reviewed by Reuters. 

Mar 27, 2015, 10:35 AM IST

HC sets aside restraint on Glenmark from making an antibiotic

Delhi High Court today set aside its single judge's order restraining Mumbai-based generic drug maker Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd from making and selling its antibiotic medicine Linezolid.

Feb 05, 2015, 15:32 PM IST

New antibiotic kills pathogens without resistance

A newly discovered antibiotic eliminates pathogens without encountering any detectable resistance, a finding that may lead to treatments for chronic infections such as tuberculosis and MRSA.

Jan 11, 2015, 17:52 PM IST

New antibiotic that could wipe out diseases like MRSA to TB discovered

Scientists claim to have discovered a new antibiotic named teixobactin that could wipe out many diseases like MRSA to Tuberculosis (TB).

Jan 09, 2015, 10:53 AM IST