Flu vaccines may help prevent heart attacks

The easily available flu vaccines may hold the key to developing a vaccine against heart diseases too, researchers have found.

Breast milk protects newborns from 'lethal' intestinal disorder

A new research has revealed that proteins found in breast milk protect newborn infants from devastating intestinal disorder.

Plant cells may help treat hemophilia

Treating hemophilia, a rare bleeding disorder in which the blood does not clot normally, could be a lot cheaper and much safer as researchers have developed a way to use plant cells to treat it.

New biomarker discovery brings HIV vaccine a step closer

The vaccine for HIV being developed by the Norwegian vaccine company Bionor Pharma could soon be a reality as researchers have found that median HIV viral load reduction more than doubled among participants with high anti-C5/gp41732-744 antibody levels.

Antibodies against deadly emerging disease MERS identified

Scientists have identified natural human antibodies against the virus that causes Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), a step toward developing treatments for the newly emerging and often-fatal disease.

Antibody-producing cells discovered in spleen

Researchers have discovered a type of cells in human spleen that are essential for the production of antibodies, paving way for development of new vaccines to fight meningitis and pneumonia.

Soon, more efficient vaccines for meningitis and pneumonia

Researchers have discovered the presence of a novel subtype of innate lymphoid cells in human spleen essential for the production of antibodies.

New breakthrough offers protection against HIV to humanized mice

Researchers have shown that boosting the production of certain broadly neutralizing antibodies can protect humanized mice from both intravenous and vaginal infection with HIV.

Mechanism that helps HIV evade antibodies identified

Scientists have claimed to have discovered a mechanism involved in stabilizing key HIV proteins and thereby concealing sites where some of the most powerful HIV neutralizing antibodies bind.

Studies in monkeys may be next step in search for HIV cure

A powerful infusion of HIV-fighting antibodies beat back a potent form of the virus in monkeys and kept it at bay for weeks, U.S. government scientists and a team led by Harvard University found, offering a potential next step in the battle against human HIV.

Highly lethal Ebola virus could help detect other threats

By screening a library of billion llama antibodies on live Ebola viruses in the Texas Biomedical Research Institute`s highest biocontainment laboratory, scientists in San Antonio have identified a potential weakness in the make-up of these deadly agents that can immediately yield a sensitive test.

Antibody evolution could provide blueprint for effective HIV vaccination

Observing the evolution of a particular type of antibody in an infected HIV-1 patient has provided insights that will enable vaccination strategies that mimic the actual antibody development within the body.

How antibodies neutralise chikungunya virus

Researchers have been able to learn the precise structure of the mosquito-transmitted chikungunya virus pathogen while it is bound to antibodies, showing how the infection is likely neutralized.

Now, antibody to prevent hepatitis C infection

A monoclonal antibody therapy developed by MassBiologics of the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) and tested in an animal model at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute, prevents infection by the hepatitis C virus (HCV).

Effective antibodies against flu strains identified

Scientists have identified three human antibodies effective against flu B virus strains. The same team had earlier reported finding antibodies against flu A strains.

Scientists show how infection fighting cells form

`Follicular dendritic cells` play a critical role in allowing us to fight infections and create a strong armoury of antibodies for future use.

Built-in dengue virus killer found in humans

Scientists have located a human antibody that can neutralise and kill dengue virus in two hours.

Breast milk antibodies help neutralize HIV

Breast milk may hold key to developing vaccine for HIV.

New antibodies to combat Alzheimer`s

A new method has been found to make antibodies neutralize harmful protein particles behind Alzheimer`s disease.

Antibodies linked to infertility?

Scientists claim to have found antibodies which cause autoimmune diseases linked to female infertility.