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Anuj Bidve killer`s appeal dismissed in UK

An attempt by a Briton who killed Indian student Anuj Bidve to have his life sentence reduced has been dismissed by the Court of Appeal.

Have the best cell in prison: Bidve`s killer

Stapleton was sentenced to life in prison after he shot Bidve in the head in Salford, Manchester, on December 26, 2011.

Anuj Bidve killing: Life term for `Psycho` Stapleton

A Briton found guilty of murdering Indian student Anuj Bidve last year was on Friday sentenced for life.

`Psycho` Stapleton guilty of Anuj Bidve`s murder

`Psycho` Stapleton, a Briton who shot dead 23-year-old Indian student Anuj Bidve last year was held guilty of murder.

Cold Anuj Bidve killer says he is not sorry

Bidve`s parents from Pune are attending the ongoing trial. Bidve was killed on December 26 last year in Salford.

Anuj Bidve killer mocks trial?

A Briton who admitted shooting Indian student Anuj Bidve appeared to mock the ongoing trial by saying, "I love prison.

Bidve killer says his mind `went blank`

Kiaran Stapleton, has pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility, but denies murder.

Bidve killer admitted crime to brother in phone call

`Psycho Stapleton`, a Briton facing trial for the shooting of Indian student Anuj Bidve admitted the crime in a phone call.

Bidve killer was `trying to be cool`

A friend of Anuj Bidve has told a UK court that the Briton who shot him dead was `hip-hopping` when he approached them.

‘Anuj Bidve’s shooting sounded like firecracker’

Friends of Indian student Anuj Bidve initially thought a “firecracker” had gone off, until they saw him fall to the ground, a court has heard.

Bidve`s friend recalls shooting at trial

Nitish Jalali recounted the incident on Tuesday and said the shot sounded like a "firecracker".

Anuj Bidve’s killer smirked after shooting

A 21-year old man accused of killing Indian student Anuj Bidve, smirked or laughed as he ran off after shooting him on December 26 last year, a court has heard.

Anuj Bidve murder trial gets underway

Briton `Psycho Stapleton` is accused of the murder of Indian student Anuj Bidve on December 26 last in Salford.

Briton admits killing Anuj Bidve

Kiaran Stapleton pleaded guilty in a Manchester court and admitted to shooting Anuj Bidve in an unprovoked attack on Boxing Day.

Tributes paid to Anuj Bidve at memorial service

Tributes were paid to the memory of
Indian student Anuj Bidve at Lancaster University.

UK fund in memory of Anuj Bidve?

A fund is being set up in the UK to
honour the memory of Indian student Anuj Bidve, who was killed
last month in an unprovoked attack in Salford.

Pune: Last rites of Anuj Bidve performed

Anuj Bidve, the 23-year-old student was killed in Britain in an apparent case of hate-crime.

Pained Bidves have faith in British judiciary

Anuj Bidve’s father said that they are planning to hold the funeral Saturday evening at 8: 00 pm.

UK: Fund to be set up in memory of Anuj Bidve

British lawmaker of Indian origin Keith Vaz met Anuj Bidve`s parents.

Bidve`s parents view his body for the first time

Slain Indian student Anuj Bidve`s parents have viewed his body for the first time at a funeral parlour here, more than a week after he was killed.