Lowly female chimps better social networkers

Female chimpanzees who rank low in terms of reproductive success seek out other girl pals with similar status, finds a new study on social relationships among apes.

Crows' brain can solve human tasks

The so called 'high order' abstract reasoning process thought to be limited till now only to humans and certain apes has now been discovered in crows.

Apes have more diversified gut bacteria than us: Study
Apes have more diversified gut bacteria than us: Study

The microbes living in people's guts play a very important role in keeping us healthy, but the ones existing in our body today are a lot less diverse than the ones present within the humans' closest relatives, the African apes, says a research.

Fish are as smart as apes: Study

A new study has revealed that fish`s cognition and sensory perception are generally on the same level with that of the other animals.

Tooth samples of ape ancestors provide clues to their diet and environment

Newly analyzed tooth samples from the great apes of the Miocene indicate that the same dietary specialization that allowed the apes to move from Africa to Eurasia may have led to their extinction

Brain has specific radar for snakes: Study

Snakes tend to arouse sharp fear in monkeys, apes and humans, and scientists said Thursday they have found specific brain cells that fire off a rapid warning for slithery danger.

Human foot not as unique as originally thought

Mechanisms of the human foot are not as unique as originally thought and have much more in common with the flexible feet of other great apes, scientists have found.

We owe our swimming style to apes!

We owe our swimming style to our evolutionary past, as just like apes we have a tendency to swim using a form of breaststroke, a new study has revealed.

Monkeys have reasoning powers like primitive humans

Scientists have suggested that intelligent animals like apes may have some sort of mind reading capability , as they have the ability to intuit each others` intentions.

Apes and human infants show similar communicative gestures

Researchers have found that a female chimpanzee, a female bonobo and a female human infant showed similar gestures during the communicative development stages.

Oldest evidence of split between Old World monkeys and apes uncovered

Discovery of two fossils from the East African Rift has provided new information about the evolution of primates, according to a study.

Earliest great ape had human-like posture

The ancient giant apes - who lived about 11.9 million years ago - may have adopted the upright posture often linked with humans, a new study suggests.

Even chimps go through mid-life crisis

Chimpanzees and orangutans can experience a mid-life crisis just like humans, a study has found.

Brain gene that gives us edge over apes identified

An international team of researchers claimed to have discovered a new gene that helps explain how humans evolved from apes.

Geniuses exist among non-humans too

A series of tests examining intelligence in chimps have found that some apes are much smarter than others.

Gibbons sing like human sopranos: Study

Scientists have discovered that lar gibbons use the same vocal techniques as human soprano singers to make their calls.

Eating monkeys, apes could cause `next HIV`

Scientists in Cameroon have warned that eating monkeys and apes could cause the next HIV, it was reported here Saturday.

Teamwork: Key to success of humans over apes

It is teamwork and not just pure brain power that has given a definitive edge to humans over apes and other species, a new study has claimed.

Charlize Theron takes up the cause of apes

Charlize Theron has taken up the cause of the African apes after meeting legendary primatologist Jane Goodall during the filming of the TV series `Iconoclasts`.

Apes running ``out of time`` due to global warming

Global warming may change ape behaviour, which in turn could cause them to run ``out of time``, reveals a study.