Long flight from Sunni militants leads Iraqi Turkmens to Baghdad

Iraq`s third largest ethnic group after Arabs and Kurds, they include both Sunnis and Shi`ites and have a history of being targeted in previous conflicts. 

More than 50 Palestinians arrested in Jerusalem for rioting

At least 57 Palestinian Arabs were arrested in various parts of east Jerusalem overnight for recent riots and protests, the Israeli police said Wednesday.

UAE jails 6 Arabs for forming `Qaeda` cell

A UAE top court today jailed six Arabs for seven years after convicting them of forming an "Al-Qaeda" cell and raising funds for Al-Nusra Front, the jihadist network`s Syrian affiliate.

Tunisia assembly begins voting on new constitution

Tunisia`s national assembly on Friday began voting on the long-delayed new constitution, which must be adopted by January 14, the third anniversary of the 2011 revolution.

Tunisian parties pick PM to pave way for election: Reports

Tunisia`s ruling Islamist party and its opponents have named Industry Minister Mehdi Jomaa as prime minister in a caretaker technocrat cabinet to govern until elections next year, three sources close to negotiations said on Saturday.

John Kerry briefs Arabs on peace bid, Egypt, Syria

US Secretary of State John Kerry briefed senior Arab officials today on his efforts to restart Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and on American views of the crises and Syria and Egypt.

UAE breaks up `Qaeda cell` of 7 Arabs

Authorities in the United Arab Emirates have broken up an Al Qaeda cell comprising seven Arabs.

`Arabs groping for new forms of governance`

Arabs are groping for new models of governance in the wake of uprisings that began in 2010 that led to regime changes in some countries.

Arabs pledge support for Syria Opposition

The Free Syrian Army, led by defectors, has taken the main role in armed opposition to Assad`s government.

Arab Parl head calls on Arabs to cut Syria ties

Tunisia started a procedure on Saturday for withdrawing its recognition of Assad`s government.

Stateless rally in Kuwait for citizenship, rights

The rally comes two days after Kuwait said it may grant citizenship to 34,000 out of the estimated 105,000 stateless
people living in the country.

Arabs may take Syria peace plan to United Nations

The United Nations says Assad`s crackdown on the protests has killed more than 5,000 people.

Arabs threaten to take Syria to UN over crackdown

The 22-member Arab bloc has been trying to persuade
Syria to receive observers to monitor the situation as part of
a plan to end the bloodshed.

Arabs not ready for democracy: Israeli leader

Israel`s Vice Prez said that many Arab countries aren`t ready for democracy a
comment sure to rankle many in Mideast.

Halt `bloody repression`, Arabs tell Syria

The Arab world has given President Bashar al-Assad three days to halt the "bloody repression."

Arabs to meet on Syria failure to honour peace plan

The Arab League called an emergency meeting on Syria`s failure to implement its peace plan.

`Assad, Saleh, you`re next`: Arabs warn online

The capture and death of Libya`s
ousted strongman Muammar Gaddafi has sparked an online frenzy
in the Arab world.

Desecration of holy sites intolerable: Netanyahu

Netanyahu was speaking during a weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday.

Arabs urged to help Palestinians beat US aid cut

US lawmakers have frozen about USD 200 million in aid in response to Palestinians` UN statehood bid.

Five Israeli Arabs arrested for plotting attacks

Israeli police say they have
arrested five Israeli Arabs on suspicion the men were
conspiring to kidnap soldiers and border police and use their
weapons to attack Jews.