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Iraq's Maliki slams report on Mosul fall

 Iraq`s former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Tuesday slammed as having "no value" a parliamentary report which held him and dozens others of security and political officials responsible for the fall of Iraq`s northern city of Mosul to the Islamic State (IS) militant group last year.

'Kurdish forces attacked with chemical weapons in Iraq'

Kurdish forces in northern Iraq who are fighting Islamic State militants were attacked with chemical weapons a few days ago, the German defence ministry said on Thursday.

Islamic State fighters destroy priceless Iraq antiquities

Hardline Islamist militants in northern Iraq have destroyed a collection of priceless statues and sculptures dating to the ancient Assyrian era, according to a video published online.

Kurdish forces fire into Islamic State-controlled Mosul

Kurdish forces have fired rockets into Mosul for the first time since Islamic State militants overran the northern Iraqi city last summer, Kurdish military sources said on Saturday.

IS kills 26 in surprise attack on Iraqi Kurdish forces

Militants from the Islamic State jihadist group launched a surprise attack on Kurdish forces in the Gwer area of north Iraq, killing 26, security officials said Saturday.

Pope says Christians 'being driven from Mideast'

Pope Francis said Christians are being "driven from the Middle East" in a message to Iraqi Christians forced to flee by Islamic State group jihadists.

Car bomb explodes in centre of Iraqi Kurdish capital Arbil: Report

A car bomb exploded in the centre of the Iraqi Kurdish capital Arbil on Wednesday, killing several people, local television reported.

UN hails `important` step in Baghdad-Kurd row

An initial deal between Iraq`s autonomous Kurdish region and Baghdad aimed at resolving long-standing budget and oil disputes is "a very important first step," the United Nations said on Friday.

Kurds' battle for Kobane unites a people divided by borders

Kurds' battle for Kobane unites a people divided by borders

Cloaked in Kurdish flags, thousands of people lined the roads to cheer on a military convoy headed for what was -- until recently -- an obscure Syrian border town, now the focus of a global war against the militants of Islamic State.

Kurd troops attack Iraq jihadists on three fronts: Officers

Kurdish troops launched offensives against the Islamic State jihadist group on three fronts in northern Iraq on Tuesday, senior officers told AFP.

After rush to flee, displaced Iraqis lack crucial drugs

Milad was an operating theatre nurse in Qaraqosh before jihadists seized Iraq`s largest Christian town. Now he compiles long lists of medicines that his fellow displaced Iraqis sorely lack.

Kurds retake Christian villages from Iraq jihadists

Kurdish peshmerga forces on Tuesday recaptured seven Christian villages in northern Iraq in clashes with Islamic State (IS) jihadists, an officer and a cleric said.

France`s Hollande in Iraq to support new government

 French President Francois Hollande arrived in Iraq on Friday to support the new government, in the first visit by a head of state since jihadists overran large parts of the country three months ago.

US warplanes to fly from Iraqi base: Pentagon

US combat aircraft will soon start flying out of a base in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq as part of an expanded air campaign against Islamic State jihadists, the Pentagon said Thursday.

US strikes targets in northern Iraq near Arbil, Mosul dam

The United States on Sunday used aircraft and drones to strike targets in northern Iraq to try to rein in Islamic State militants, who have seized a large swath of territory in the region.

Germany sends first plane carrying aid to northern Iraq

Germany`s armed forces began sending aid supplies to northern Iraq where thousands of people have fled Islamic State militants, and the defence minister said Germany was looking into whether it would also deliver military equipment.

US evacuates some consulate staff from Iraqi city of Arbil

The United States has evacuated some of its staff members from the Iraqi Kurdish city of Arbil, the State Department said, amid an offensive by Islamist militants.

US confirms fresh airstrikes against IS fighters near Arbil

United States warplanes and drones pummeled Islamic State militants near Arbil in a fresh wave of airstrikes on Sunday, destroying armed trucks and a mortar position, the US military confirmed.

Iraq supplies Kurds with ammunition in unprecedented move, US says

The Iraqi government provided a planeload of ammunition to Peshmerga fighters from Iraq`s semiautonomous Kurdish region on Friday, a U.S. official said, in an unprecedented act of military cooperation between Kurdish and Iraqi forces brought on by an acute militant threat.

Iraq`s foreign minister says Kurds suspend all participation in government

Iraq`s Foreign Minsiter Hoshiyar Zebari said on Friday that the Kurdish political bloc has ended all partipation in the national government in protest over Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki`s saying that Kurds are hosting terrorists in their capital Arbil.